Friday, June 17, 2011

Who You Should Buy: Arsenal

This is the first of a short series in which I'll be looking at a particular EPL club and recommending three or four players for them to buy. I'll be sticking to the bigger clubs, as I don't have enough time or knowledge to cover all the teams. The smaller clubs are boring anyway. I'll start with Arsenal.

Arsenal should only sell Fabregas if the fee is huge. Goal-scoring, assist-making midfield players aren't easy to find. The press is full of how much better Modric is than 20mil Jordan Henderson. Modric is an excellent player but Fabregas is more productive, so must be worth 40mil, regardless of Barca's claims. Eden Hazzard would be a possible replacement, but the following recommendations are made with the belief that Fabregas will stay.

Signing No.1 is easy: a defender with EPL experience. Of Cahill, Dann, Johnson and Samba, I'd probably go for Samba.

Signing No.2 is a left back should Clichy leave. Gibbs could make the step up but he goes to the Darren Anderton school of physio. Leighton Baines is the obvious choice. EPL experience, a good passer and, unlike Clichy, scores goals.

Signing No3 needs to be a real marque signing. While expensive, it would not only bring in quality, it would placate restless players and fans. Injury prone Van Persie isn't enough up front. Benzema or even Eto'o would fit the bill. Instead, Gooners will probably get a good prospect like Gervinho.

Signing No.4 is the most important for me. I think Arsenal's biggest weakness is at defensive mid, where there's a lack of organisation and control. Song has great ability but is too erratic: he gives the ball away and is a walking yellow card. They need a player like Alonso at Real or Busquets at Barca. Scott Parker would be an option here. He keeps a team organised, passes the ball well and has leadership qualities. Other similar targets would be de Rossi of Roma or Jack Rodwell. Jan Vertonghen of Ajax plays mostly at the back but can also be used in midfield, so would be another option. Parker would be my choice - something different for Wenger.


Bobbie BS said...

Sorry, you're way off on Cesc. Sandro Rosell claimed in an interview that he's actually over priced since he has played too many games and is worn down. By that logic Arsenal should be lining up the wheelbarrows to take home all of the cash they'll get Denilson.

As far as the defensive mid player, I say bring on Felipe Melo from Juve. Had a fine year last year after being fitted for the WC goat horns, brings grit and dynamism and isn't afraid of a stupid red card, a critical character trait for a Wenger player.

The Editor said...

I would love to see Baines at Arsenal.

Bartholomew said...

Yes I agree that Baines would be a good signing and that a Benzema type is needed. Samba, sure but Scott Parker is a 30 year old sick note who can' t play enough to get in the Arsenal team. He would be somethign different, yes, but I would just try and get Flamini back before paying an English tax for a player who could not cut it at Chelsea 5 years ago.