Friday, December 12, 2014

SSN Retreat Complete, Weekend Previews, Zabaleta, Serie A Alternative Guide to Roma, Stadium for D.C.?

North Korea: SSN Retreat Photo
OK, OK, OK. We decided things needed a bit of a shakeup at SSN Headquarters so we shut it down and headed to the North Korean border. Now that that's done, we can get back to business. The Champions League Group Stage is complete. The draw for the Knock-Out Round will be Monday. You know those big clubs with a lot of money? Don't worry - they're all looking good. As for the weekend's football, Manchester United host Liverpool, Milan welcome Napoli, and Real Madrid play Almeria this afternoon. Hit it and quit it:

Manchester United vs. Liverpool: Key Battles
Manchester United v Liverpool: Six classic Premier League meetings 

Woop! Woop! Roma: Serie A alternative club guide In their latest Italian football guide, the Gentleman Ultra profile Roma’s ground, fans and classic player Abel Balbo.

How great is Pablo Zabaleta? He's, like, totally pretty great, you guys.

Spain? Here's a wee preview. Real Madrid have some injury issues, apparently. Also, Mr. Moyes get's his first Basque Derby as Real Sociedad face Athletic Bilbao. Sticking with Spain, two of our favorite scribes have decided to tackle the alarming achievements of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. They are Martina Hyde and Sid Lowe.

What the hell is going on in Germany? Let's let Kirsten Schlewitz get us up to speed. According to her, Bayern Munich face a tough test at Augsburg...

Wait. What? Kirsten's covering the weekend in Serie A, too? Sweet. She's telling us to forget Juventus and check out these three other intriguing matches in Italy this week.

Feel-good story of the day? Infamous bad guy Pepe bought the poor some food. Good on you, Pepz. More good news? It would appear that D.C. United will finally get that soccer-specific stadium they've been craving all these years. Good.

So Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal are the three Premier League teams left in the Champions League. Phil McNulty wonders how far they can go.

It's good to be back!