Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gold Cup Scuttlebutt

Monday Wrap
The quarter finals of the Gold Cup are beginning to take shape. Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Costa Rica and Mexico have booked their places. The top two spots in Group C are still open and the best remaining third place team can still get in. Yes you read that correctly- the group stages of the Gold Cup exist solely to eliminate four of the twelve teams. It's like the MLS regular season compressed to a week instead of stretched out over 6 months.

Guatemala crush Grenada, Go Home
Jamaica Beat Honduras, Both Advance

Tuesday Previews
USA has come under a ton of criticism since their loss to Panama. Much like the match against Spain our players thus far have performed like they're playing meaningless matches and the criticism for these performances seems to have taken them a bit by surprise. Regardless of all that a win tonight against Guadeloupe will likely see them finish at the top of their group and safely through. The winner of Panama/Canada, two nations that have always despised one another, also books safe passage to the quarters. Unsurprisingly the loser will also probably qualify for the quarters depending on margin of victory. With the stakes that high the match will undoubtedly be a classic.

It's Do or Die Time For USA
It's Do or Die Time for Canucks
Landycakes would like to focus on the positives
Has the United States Regressed?

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