Friday, July 28, 2006

Carrick to be confirmed as £18m United buy

Van Nistelrooy signs for Real Madrid;_ylt=Au6pREyA2LJj2xzHiRTzqAUmw7YF?slug=afp-fblengprespned&prov=afp&type=lgns

Champions League draw

Chelsea & Arsenal hold Cole talks

Friday's rumours,,1832423,00.html

England's Chelsea soccer team hits Los Angeles

Barcelona wary of a Real renaissance under Capello;_ylt=AgBs8RVRQ1sRdnbL3e0MhkUmw7YF?slug=reu-barcelonareal&prov=reuters&type=lgns

Clint Dempsey: European prospects

McBride retires from USA team

Blues chief defends £6m sale of Pennant

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Inter Milan awarded Italy 2005-6 Serie A title;_ylt=AmSiVaoxkv8px7jz8ZYUfSYmw7YF?slug=reu-inter&prov=reuters&type=lgns

ESPN's The Sports Guy Is a Good Guy

Hey! He's trying. (scroll down and look at the bar on the right)

ESPN's The Sports Guy Chooses His EPL Team - Poorly - Part II

OK, I've calmed down so let's continue. Here's another brilliant comment:

17-year-old wunderkind Theo Walcott (the LeBron of the EPL)

Considering the fact that Theo Walcott has never PLAYED in the EPL, saying that this comparison lacks merit is an understatement. Wait - let me repeat. Walcott has never played in the EPL! Period. Oh, and LeBron should be pissed at the comparison...

Single Best Reason NOT To Pick Them: They're just not good enough. You don't want a team that's on TV twice a year and might get relegated at any time. Unless you're from there. Sorry, Stein. You're on your own.

The Sports Guy offers the above opinion under his Manchester City portion of his ridiculous preoceedings. Again - can he please get Fox Soccer Channel? I saw Man City last season more than I saw my wife.

In a Nutshell: They're named after a beer I actually like.

Nope - turns out they're named after a CITY. Not a beer. Geez, this is getting ugly...

Sponsor: Take a guess.

Well, if you expect everyone to guess Newcastle Beer, they'd all be wrong. The brewery hasn't sponsored the team for some time. It's been Northern Rock for the past couple seasons. The picture YOU put in YOUR column of Michael Owen kinda points that out:

He's still on the beer kick with Newcastle here:

(Bonus reason to pick them: Did I mention they're named after a beer?

You did - we covered that above. Just like the Brooklyn Dodgers were named after Brooklyn Lager. Uh huh. Yeah.

ESPN's The Sports Guy Chooses His EPL Team - Poorly

Here's what he says:

Goal No. 6: Pick a team that's successful enough to crack Channel 613 from time to time and will avoid the ignominy of getting kicked out of the EPL.

Since this clown works at ESPN does that mean he is unable to get Fox Soccer Channel? Is it in his contract that he can't watch FSC? Because they do a damn good job of showing every team in the EPL. A lot.

West Ham -- West Ham was prominently featured in the Elijah Wood movie about hooliganism ("Green Street Hooligans"). Again, I want to minimize the role of hooligans in my life -- it's been a productive three and a half decades without them and I'd like to keep the streak going.

Hmmm. So since Elijah Wood has a movie about hooliganism and it features West Ham they're out of the running. Even though loads of other clubs have far worse reputations for violence amongst their supporters. Or the fact that hooliganism is thankfully pretty much dead in the EPL.

Manchester United -- By all accounts, they're the New York Yankees of the EPL -- they outspend everyone else, everyone hates them, and even their own fans don't enjoy rooting for them that much. Financially, they blow almost everyone out of the water and purchase as many up-and-coming young stars as possible; they're almost like a European All-Star team.

Not so, Sports Guy. Their past success was based on a core group of players that came up through their youth team and since then they've purchased only a few "up-and-coming young stars." It's kind of a no-brainer that Chelsea blows everyone out of the water on the financial front. And a European All-Star team with Wes Brown, John O'Shea, Darren Fletcher and Liam Miller? I don't think so. Again, I think you've got them confused with Chelsea.

Chelsea -- Stadium: A much-beloved old-school joint called Stamford Bridge that seats 42,500 and features three bars inside the stadium. You have to like any stadium that features multiple bars.

Much beloved? Yeah, maybe. Until they added shops and a hotel and decided to call it Chelsea Village.

ARSENAL• American Comparison: The Red Sox, right down to the "Fever Pitch" link (FYI: This was the team Nick Hornby wrote about), their prolonged championship drought ending in 2004 and their fans becoming insufferable immediately afterward (yes, I include myself).

What the hell is he talking about?? Is not winning the English Premier League Championship between 2002 and 2004 a prolonged drought???!!! Not to mention championships in the top division in '98, '91 and '89. Please, please do not compare Arsenal to the Red Sox. That's just foolish.

OK - I need to stop. I'm getting angry. I'll continue once I've calmed down. -Sanford

Oh, here's the link to his piece:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Court confirm Juve drop, Lazio and Viola reprieve

Mourinho: Get ahead get a haircut,,1830152,00.html

Jimmy Conrad on his World Cup experience

Shades of Klinsmann as Brazil appoint Dunga

Carrick for United but Torres to stay in Spain,,1830151,00.html

Lerner ahead in race to take over Villa

Milan 'declares war' on Real over Kaka move

Wednesday's rumours,,1830551,00.html

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Insider at Emirates Stadium

Coleman's summer regime shows a manager's work is never done,,1826559,00.html

Monday's rumours,,1827707,00.html

Ferguson backs South Africa to stage successful World Cup

Liverpool pip Manchester United in all-time table;_ylt=AmV2ymYQf8Exuf2Xce0EnXsmw7YF?slug=reu-englandalltime&prov=reuters&type=lgns

Rooney's Souvenirs Stolen

Duff just the start of Newcastle's spending spree

You just get the feeling that whomever Newcastle sign it just won't matter. Their luck is so bad that success just does not seem to be within reach. Look for Duff to suffer some sort of brutal injury (or several niggling ones) before too long... -Sanford