Friday, August 11, 2006

Preview: Old rivals, new faces spice up Community Shield

People are constantly stopping me on the street and saying, "Hey Sanford! What the hell is the Community Shield?" So in order to save time in my life and ease the difficulty that now exists when running simple errands, I'll give a brief explanation...

This match has been called the Community Shield since 2002. Prior to that (all the way back to 1908) it was called the Charity Shield. In recent times it has become the curtain raiser for the new season. It pits the winner of the top division (now called the English Premier League) against the winner of the F.A. Cup. F.A. stands for Football Association. Although it is a "friendly" that has no bearing on the season itself, it is a trophy nonetheless and often results in a great match. Since the teams playing are usually close in stature, there is a rivalry and intensity that exists, and tensions have been known to boil over. The match is not usually a mellow stroll in the park. Roy Keene's "tackle" on Gus Poyet in 2000 speaks to that.

One day the match might be played at the new Wembley. But until that fiasco is sorted it will remain in Cardiff, in the Millenium Stadium. And yes, it was called the Charity Shield because the money goes to charity. I think they changed the name to make it sound a little better. Anyway, the dough goes to all the 124 clubs that played in the first round of the F.A. Cup the previous year and they then give it to a local charity of their chosing.

Abramovich ready to dictate terms of Cole's Chelsea move

Make it stop...please...make it stop!!,,1842104,00.html

Bayern struggling as Bundesliga season kicks off

Beckham axed by McClaren

Teammates pick Kasey Keller as captain

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Wenger's star men are always on the go

Redknapp & Le Tissier discuss the upcoming season

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Cole's Chelsea move stalls over £25m price

So what now? If you're Arsene Wenger you're wondering how to get team morale back on a solid footing with a super-vocal want-away player in the mix. But here's the real question: What makes Chelsea think Cole isn't worth the money? The just dropped over 50 million on a 30-year-old striker while letting The Good Johnson bail to Barca. They won't pay half that amount for a young left-back who scores goals and defends better than almost anyone else in the world? They paid just as much for Shaun Wright-Phillips and he never plays! So now they're looking at Wayne Bridge (injury-prone and linked with moves away from The Bridge) and Willam Gallas (offended The Family). Other things about Chelsea are becoming interesting. I think the sale of Duff will come back to haunt them. Cole just got hurt and Robben is about as injury-free as Britney Spears is classy. If Chelsea stumble out of the blocks things'll get really interesting. -Sanford

My Friends at the MLS All-Star Game

Just look at these clowns. You'd think they were posing with the EPL Championship Trophy or something. At least Sara's dressed for the occasion. That's Bob's (shades) "smoking hot" wife. Nice gown! Too bad your boy toys are all slimy with no sense of style. Why don't you ditch the three geeks and hop in with me?

And how about those seats? Almost as good as the seats I had in Germany. OK, better in fact. I just have a few questions: Were you able to get a touch of The Amazing Geremi? Does Robben really look like he's 57 years old in person? Who's a better diver - Drogba or Robben? Did you promise to watch Carlo Cudicini and SWP in all their League Cup matches this season?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Juventus sell Ibrahimovic to Inter Milan

I know Ibra has got skills and perhaps his woeful form last season can be chalked up to problems with Capello but that doesn't explain his crap performances in Germany. Perhaps his injury was still bothering him? Regardless, I can't help but think that Inter got a dud. In my book he plays like Cruz but not as well. I would have passed on him... -Sanford

Liverpool 2-1 Maccabi Haifa

Walcott returns to Under-21s

Back where he belongs. Theo wins the award for most bizarre World Cup roster place of 2006, if not for the last 20 years. The question is, when will he play in the EPL? -Sanford,,1840885,00.html

AC Milan 1-0 Red Star: Milan not thru yet

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A dozen Americans begin season in Premier League

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Real Madrid 1, DC United 1;_ylt=Aoau42FLvRPeKY4z8L.OwbMmw7YF?slug=ap-realmadrid-dcunited&prov=ap&type=lgns

Brazil: Dunga drafts plan B

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dinamo Zagreb 0-3 Arsenal

Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger in Germany

Premier League prospects, Arsenal to Chelsea

Premier League prospects, Everton to Newcastle United

Premier League prospects, Portsmouth to Wigan Athletic

Ronaldo rises above the taunts;_ylt=AixyoO_9A0Hhk_U5C7WO6hQmw7YF?slug=afp-fblengprmanutd&prov=afp&type=lgns

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Henry unhappy at possible Cole exit

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Milan, Liverpool and Arsenal eye European glory

Here we go. I cannot believe it's already starting again. Seems like just yesterday Barca were hoisting the trophy in Paris. Now we've got Arsenal (Barcelona's opponent that day in May), Liverpool (2005 champion) and Milan all forced to hack their way through the qualifying rounds. And next week is the Community Shield. Where did the summer go??

Young Gunners go for it in Champions League

Mutiny at the Bridge?

Norman Hubbard on the recent grumblings at Chelsea...

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Cole faces long spell on sidelines

Maybe we'll actually get to see Shaun Wright-Phillips play in a real EPL game!! -Sanford,,1838795,00.html

Tuesday's rumours,,1839669,00.html

Sol Campbell settles for Portsmouth

Wenger added: "I have no regrets about letting him go but it is a big surprise to me because he cancelled his contract to go abroad. Have you sold Portsmouth to a foreign country? No."

Ahhh, Arsene. Always quick with the wit...,,1839330,00.html

Arsenal ready to complete £13.5m deal for Ribéry,,1839406,00.html

Rolling Stones concert ruins Stuttgart's pitch;_ylt=Ak5iXL5OsU9oWuFwVjNYYh0mw7YF?slug=stuttgartstones&prov=st&type=lgns

Tim Vickery in South America

MLS All-Stars: Postgame celebrations were overkill

This is a little sad. I mean, I know it was a big game for a lot of these guys but they have to realize that it was just a runabout for Chelski. Be pleased that you won and played well but don't get all loopy about it... Sanford

Monday, August 07, 2006

Cole sits out Zagreb trip as deal edges closer

De Rosario stuns Chelsea's high-priced lineup

MLS All-Stars show rugged determination

Crespo set for loan deal at Inter

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American project reaps rewards,,1838589,00.html

United rocked by Carrick injury

Tottenham fans involved in brawl in Dortmund

Grant Wahl column;_ylt=Ala5AsdbPOJ39ZsiN8jMemcmw7YF?slug=cnnsi-asmallstep&prov=cnnsi&type=lgns

Borgetti set to swap Bolton for Saudi Arabia

Chelsea target Cole named in Arsenal Euro squad

Onyewu rejects Middlesbrough move