Friday, June 17, 2011

The U.S. team might need to play at smaller venues in smaller competitions to avoid further embarrassment

While Mexico has drawn an average of 62,708 fans to its games, the U.S. has only managed 25,350 per match. El Tri has a slight advantage because it played all three of its games at larger football stadiums while the U.S. played one at a Major League Soccer stadium. But the numbers wouldn’t have increased much for the Americans no matter where they played.

"There are soccer fans in America, but it just depends which team they want to watch," U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard said. "But it is a very interesting dynamic and I don't think that would happen anywhere else in the world. I can't picture it."

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Bobbie BS said...

Do you think perhaps it has something to do with USA fans realizing that the Gold Cup is a farce? Mexicans in the USA will always turn out to see their heros but we see most of the Gold Cup roster every week in MLS. USA fans turn out when it matters, I think there's just some confusion over the definition of "when it matters". Exhibit A is WC 2010 qualification when USA drew well until it clinched qualification for the final round and 7K turned out to see them on a beautiful night in Bridgeview, IL.