Friday, October 17, 2014

Internationals Are Over

Hello, Friday! Woop! We can finally resume normal service and enjoy some club football this weekend. Manchester City host Spurs, Chelsea return to Selhurst Park to try to avenge their loss, Arsenal have no defenders (again), and Manchester United face a tricky trip to The Hawthorns. In Spain, Real Madrid go to Valencia to face Levante and league leaders Barcelona host Eibar. Here's your schedule and preview for La Liga.

In Italy, league leaders Juventus travel to Sussudio, Roma host Chievo, Fiorentina welcome Lazio, and Inter host Napoli. Here's your schedule and preview for Serie A.

Can't wait for tomorrow? Head over to beIN Sports USA at 2:30pm EDT this afternoon and catch some League Uhhhhhhh action between Lens and PSG.

Back to England. Here's your lot:

Top Tenner? Yes, please. This week it's Instant Premier League Impacts. Oh, Fabrizio Ravanelli...

This is good: The German judge overseeing Fifa’s investigation into the controversial bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups has insisted that the report cannot be published in full for legal reasons, but promised an overview of the main findings by the middle of next month.

Back Stateside, the MLS playoff race is heating up! Or hotting up, as they say not Stateside. Anyhoo, here's a preview. assGalaxy vs. Sounders looks tasty. It's Lando's final regular season home match.

Curious about who would make a list of the 10 Most Coveted Youngsters in Europe? So are we...




Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Serbia/Albania Fallout, Sid Lowe and Many Others on 10 Years of Messi, Jonathan Wilson on Nigeria, Adriano to Le Favre?!, Gentleman Ultra's Alternative Serie A Guide To Napoli

Can we call it a comeback?

Thursday, yo, and everyone's still talking about what went down in Belgrade on Tuesday. The Albanian FA claims Serbian police attacked their players after the match was abandoned. UEFA are attempting to wipe off the egg they got on their face when they scheduled the match by hitting both associations with seven charges between them. For Serbia? “...the setting off/throwing of fireworks and missiles, crowd disturbance, pitch invasion by supporters, insufficient organisation and use of a laser pointer.” For Albania? “...refusing to play” and “display of an illicit banner.” Refusing to play? Really?! Refusing to play?! Good Lord.

Speaking of The Lord, thank Him, Her, It, That, Nothing, or Whatever for the return of club football this weekend. And thank Amy Lawrence for her Best and Worst of the Season So Far in the Premier League.

Don't thank anyone for Juventus' sexist move with the unveiling of their new "reporter." Good grief.

Do thank Le Havre for considering bringing Adriano back to action. We miss the guy!

Lo Stadio San Paolo, Napoli, Italia

The Gentleman Ultra is back! We're graced with a guide to Napoli. Grazie, Gentleman!

Did you hear that The Diving German basically said that MLS doesn't provide as competitive an environment for top players as some European leagues? Well, duh. For some reason, MLS Commish Donny Garber is all upset. Too bad. Dem's the facts.

No comment.
Jonathan Wilson is a favorite scribe of ours. Today, he's looking at the state of football in Nigeria. Their manager has just been sacked after a chaotic few months since the World Cup.

Wait. What? Sid Lowe has a piece, too? Sweet. What's it about? It is 10 years since Messi’s first-team debut, but when he arrived at the Camp Nou, aged 13, securing a contract was not simple. But, wait! There's more! Sid also has 10 Magic Messi Moments. Great! Want more Messi? Here you go! Want more more Messi? Here you go go! Want more more more Messi? Here you go go go!

The African Cup of Nations is in trouble. Morocco are set to host but they've bailed due to Ebola fears. Not good.

In that note...



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Serbia vs. Albania Insanity, Ireland Draw With Germany, USA 1-1 Honduras

Yes, it's come to this.
Holy Christ. We thought we'd take some days off, but the shit hit the fan in Belgrade, Ireland grabbed a late draw with Germany, and the United States drew with Honduras. So, we're back. Let's hit it and quit it, beginning in Serbia...

Serbia vs. Albania: Abandoned

Now, then. There were a few matches that were actually completed. Played in full. We'll stick with Europe for the moment.

Germany 1 - 1 Republic of Ireland: Alan Smith at Stadion Gelsenkirchen
Poland 2 - 2 Scotland: Ewan Murray at the National Stadium

The U.S. of A. were in action down in Boca last night. Yes, the friendly confines of Florida Atlantic University's ground dished up a draw. BUT! Jozy Altidore scored. So, there's that. Check it:

USA 1 - 1 Honduras: Brian Strauss: Three Thoughts From FAU Stadium
USA 1 - 1 Honduras: Kevin McCauley: Three Things We Learned 

Our sentiments exactly...

This is interesting. Over 1,000 English fans flock to Dortmund for each of the their home matches. But, why? Cheaper? Better atmosphere? Oh.

Major League Soccer. The playoffs are coming up! Power Rankings? Bird's got 'em here.

And, finally: Dumbass.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taking A Few Days Off

It's tough, no doubt. But, we'll get through it. There are still qualifying matches being played by teams that will or will not (most that should, will) make it to Euro 2016. There are still friendlies being played around the world by teams filled with players who would rather not be playing for their country. And there are players playing for their country who are getting hurt.  With that said, we're going to keep things quiet for a while. We'll return when the time is right.