Friday, June 19, 2015

Day Off

Ooof! There goes another one. We're going to be brief today. The heat is simply too much to handle and everyone at SSN Headquarters is suffering from extreme lethargy. As you might expect, it's pretty much all Women's World Cup and Copa América. The usual transfer insanity continues, but no "big" moves have been announced. We'll be back on Monday to sort out the weekend results and prepare for USA vs. Colombia.



Thursday, June 18, 2015

Brazil Lose the Match & Neymar Loses the Plot, USA Women Get Colombia, Dempsey Decision

Well, now. There was one match down in Chile last night, and the entire SSN Staff gathered at The Editor's house to catch the action on the television computer. Colombia defeated Brazil and once again the Brazilians showed their colors, acting like the sore losers they are. Neymar saw red after the final whistle and we're left to ponder the average Brazil side now looking quite disheveled. We'll get to the fallout, but first, let's let Scott Murray look back on almost 100 years of drama at Copa América. OK, now the fallout...

Colombia 1 - 0 Brazil: Three Quick Takes
Colombia 1 - 0 Brazil: Three Thoughts

Way up at the other end of the planet, the Round of 16 for the Women's World Cup is set, eh? All times are Eastern Daylight:

Saturday, June 20
Germany (1B) vs. Sweden (3D), 4 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)
China (2A) vs. Cameroon (2C), 7:30 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)

Sunday, June 21
Brazil (1E) vs. Australia (2D), 1 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)
France (1F) vs. South Korea (2E), 4 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)
Canada (1A) vs. Switzerland (3C), 7:30 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)

Monday, June 22
Norway (2B) vs. England (2F), 5 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)
United States (1D) vs. Colombia (3F), 8 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)

Tuesday, June 23
Japan (1C) vs. Netherlands (3A), 10 p.m. (Fox Sports 1)

Women's World Cup: Wednesday's Day 12 Takeaways
Women’s World Cup — What we learned on Day 12


Rafael van der Vaart. He always seemed like a funny dude. And he was a damn good player, too. Nick Ames takes a closer look at the Dutch star now that he's moved to Seville. Nick claims he is a shirt-out kind of player born into the wrong generation. A solid assessment.

Graham Parker's wondering (as are we) if U.S. Soccer will dare make an example of Clint Dempsey? Well, will you, U.S. Soccer? Hmmmm? I mean, he ripped up the ref's notebook, for fuck's sake! We've never seen that move before. Could he be (gasp!) suspended for the Gold Cup?

So, Gore Arturo Vidal had a blood alcohol content of 0.12 when he wrecked his Ferrari. He's still on the Chile squad, and Tim Vickery says that's all down to loyalty.

Here's a question: Are the World Cup and Olympics too expensive for their own good?

We out!



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

USA Defeat Nigeria, Argentina Defeat Uruguay, Premier League Fixtures, More FIFA Fun, Vidal DUI

Si vas a manejar, no tomes, Arturo...

Hey now! Hump Day has arrived! And the U.S. Women have arrived in the next round of the World Cup as group winners. That's a good thing. Wouldn't want to have to face Brazil in New Brunswick! Let's get caught up.

Women’s World Cup — What we learned on Day 11
USA 1 - 0 Nigeria: Caitlin Murray in Vancouver
USA 1 - 0 Nigeria: Three Things We Learned
USA 1 - 0 Nigeria: Three Things We Learned II
USA at the Women's World Cup: What we learned from the group stage
Women's World Cup: Group E Previews
Women's World Cup: Group F Previews

Oh, dear. Gore Arturo Vidal wrecked his Ferrari. And the fuzz say he was under the influence of alcohol. Yikes.

Fixtures!! Can you believe we get rolling in the Premier League on August 8? Neither can we. Here is the complete list of 2014-2015 Premier League Fixtures. And here's what we've got on Day One:

8 August 2015: Arsenal v West Ham United, Bournemouth v Aston Villa, Chelsea v Swansea City, Everton v Watford, Leicester City v Sunderland Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United v Southampton, Norwich City v Crystal Palace, Stoke City v Liverpool, West Bromwich Albion v Manchester City.

U.S. Open Cup? Shit hit the fan in the match between Seattle and Portland. Seattle finished with seven dudes! Check it.

Copa América. Tonight it's Brazil vs. Colombia. Neymar vs. James. Yesterday, Sergio scored to help Argentina beat Uruguay, and Paraguay beat Jamaica. Tim Vickery thinks Argentine gaffer Martino's shrewd tactical tinkering helped Argentina pip Uruguay. He's correct.

Did you hear about those photos of Villa starlet Jack Grealish? Apparently he was passed out in the street in Tenerife. We didn't pay much attention because we don't really care. Marina Hyde agrees. We like it when Marina Hyde agrees with us.

More on the Croatian swastika fallout? Here.

Headline of the Day: Swiss investigating 53 cases of possible money laundering at Fifa

We out!



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

USA vs. Nigeria, Copa América Drama, Soccer Made in Germany Some mighty fine matches on the international scene yesterday. Both Copa América and the Women's World Cup dazzled. Since it's so bloody hot at SSN Headquarters this morning, let's begin in the Great White North. As expected, Germany and Norway are through. As expected, some asshat IN CHARGE OF PROMOTING THE WOMENS GAME IN BRAZIL made some sexist comments. Here we go:

Women's World Cup: What we learned on Day 10
Nigeria vs. USA: Preview
Jeff Carlisle: U.S. control own destiny

Friend of SSN Barry Ragin has this to say about things in Canada: "US has 4 points going in to the final group match. Worst case scenario is they lose to Nigeria by more than 4 goals, and finish in 3rd place. (One of Sweden or Australia can finish ahead of them, but not both.) The top 4 third place teams all advance to the round of 16. There are two third place teams with only 3 points. So the US has effectively qualified for the next round, regardless of the outcome of tonight's game. Just thought you might like to know that, since Fox sports and other sites can't seem to figure that out. (Nor the fact that this is the women's team, and not the men's.)" Thank you, Barry.

Down in Chile yesterday, there were 11 goals in the two matches played. Bolivia shocked Ecuador, and Mexico's B team made Chile's defending look dodgy, indeed. Today? Just the little issue of the Rio de la Plata Derby! Here we go:

Copa América: Monday Roundup
Chile 3 - 3 Mexico: Three Things We Learned
Chile 3 - 3 Mexico: Three Things We Learned II
Chile 3 - 3 Mexico: Three Takeaways
Chile vs. Mexico: Three Thoughts

Mihajlovic and Vieira chat back in 2000...

As expected, The Diving Italian was axed by Milan after their shitty season. The new man is Sinisa Mihajlovic. This is what Patrick Vieira had to say about Mihajlovic back in 2000: "There were a lot of bad things said to me and it they all came from one player - Mihajlovic", Vieira said. "I was called a black bastard and a f***ing black monkey. You don't want to hear that on the pitch coming from a professional player. "It was the worst that has been directed at me as a player. I talked with some of the other Lazio players and I asked them what they thought of that. They said they know him and he is stupid. They were sorry, they apologised."

Right! It is Tuesday and that means we've got Marcotti's Musings. Today, Gab is gabbing about Copa America impressions, Falcao and Wilshere's futures, Croatia controversy.

Look at this! Uli Hesse has an article on Soccer Made in Germany. This cemented The Editor's love of the game back in the day. Nice one, Uli!

And finally...Pinoe's Biggest Fan.



Monday, June 15, 2015

USA Under Pressure in Canada, Fun With Copa América, Euro 2016, Croatia Swastika, The Zlatan

Hey Hey Hey! Well, the U.S. women are not looking so good, eh? Disjointed, lethargic, unskilled. We're not sure what the problem is, but they haven't been fluid and simply have not been playing well. The pressure is on, and Abby knows it. Thank God their defending was good against the Swedes, otherwise, who knows? Blame it on the turf, we say...

Louise Taylor has swapped the cold and overcast northeast of England for the cold and overcast east of Canada and has some Talking Points from the first week of action at the Women's World Cup here. Colombia shocked France thanks to Lady Andrade. And today it's Ivory Coast vs. Norway, Thailand vs. Germany, Canada vs. Netherlands, and China vs. New Zealand.

Women's World Cup: Team of Round 2 of Games

Look at this! Friend of SSN Laurent Dubois has an interesting piece on France's Jessica Houara and the significance of the hijab.

Copa América. Oh, it's on. Neymar saved Brazil, but Messi couldn't save Argentina from dropping points. Today it's the hosts vs. Mexico's B Team...

Chile vs. Mexico: Preview


In European Qualifying, Croatia and Italy drew 1 - 1 in front of no fans because of Croatian racists. So, what did said racists do? Put a swastika on the pitch, of course. Here's more...

Slovenia 2 - 3 England: Daniel Taylor at Stadion Stozice

And just how did Northern Ireland came from nowhere to the brink of Euro 2016?

Major League Soccer? Here are Five Things We Learned this weekend.

Will De Gea go to Madrid? El Sid says whatever happens, it won't end nicely for Iker Casillas.

And finally...we've always been a fan of Xavi's football. We've never been a fan of his personality. Here's the latest from the asshat himself...