Friday, February 02, 2007

Lawro's Premiership Predictions

I'm sorry but I've no time to do mine this week. If I did, I would blow Lawro out of the water with my infinate wisdom. But go ahead and check out this hack's predictions...-Sanford

Premiership weekend preview

The Liverpool Derby and Manchester United at Tottenham highlight this weekend's program...

An early Spanish inquisition

Eto'o back in full training'o+back+in+full+training

Barton wins England call-up

Adebayor pleads for young stars to be given final bow,,27-2580829,00.html

England fans' racism protest,,2004338,00.html

Larsson has no regrets about life in goldfish bowl,,2004240,00.html

Gillett reinforced in Reds takeover,,2004344,00.html

King suffers more injury woe,,2004754,00.html

No Roaming For Reluctant Riquelme

Juan Román Riquelme was one of the players slated to make a move during the recently closed winter transfer window, but the out-of-favour Villarreal playmaker is staying at the Castellón de la Plana club, although against the wishes of the Coach, President and a growing number of his team-mates...

MLS stigma still exists in some quarters

Ms. Canales could probably change her headline to read most instead of some. -Sanford

Volz pleased not to live up to anyone's stereotype

Wo kann ich mir meine VokuHila Frisur blondieren lassen?
Where can I get my mullet highlighted?

Kannst du meine Ärmel abschneiden?
Please can you cut the sleeves off my denim jacket?

Ist der Linienrichter russe?
Is the linesman Russian?

Wo kann ich die neue David Hasselhoff CD kaufen?
Where can I buy David Hasselhoff’s new album?

Kann ich meine Sandalen ohne Tennis Socken tragen?
Can I wear my sandals without socks?

Wo ist der Pool? Ich will meine Handtöcher hinlegen
Which way to the pool? I would like to put my towel down.,,30270-2580122,00.html

Richard Jolly Wraps Each EPL Team's Transfers

Bolton Hit By Davies Setback

Odds are even that he chipped that bone in his foot by kicking another player's foot. He's welcome to hang out with Cashley Cole and Lucas Neill whilst recovering...-Sanford

No Surgery Needed On Cole's Knee

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gunners extra firepower has final reward

Yeah, so Theo didn't get his first goal. Oh well. It was Denilson who stole the show as far as I'm concerned. Diaby had some excellent moments but my Man of the Match goes to the Brazilian. He had some key midfield interceptions and a few stinging shots. Very impressive. And Arsene says he'll stick with the young guns in the final versus Chelsea. Fantastic. That'll be a doozy.

The only downside to this match was the bitching and moaning of one Robbie Keene. What a wanker.,,2003272,00.html

In defence of Jol

And so, once again, Spurs’ lofty ambitions are undone by their fierce rivals. Having not beaten Arsenal for 17 matches previously, and near the 20th anniversary of the Gunners’ famous win over Spurs in the League Cup semi-final in 1987, what else did Tottenham fans expect?

Wednesday's Premiership Reports + Table

Manchester Utd 4 Watford 0,,277-2578205,00.html

Chelsea 3 Blackburn 0,,277-2578185,00.html

Newcastle 3 Aston Villa 1,,277-2578212,00.html

Bolton 1 Charlton 1,,277-2578215,00.html

English Premiership Table
January 31, 2007

Man Utd 25 60
Chelsea 25 54
Liverpool 25 49
Arsenal 24 45
Bolton 25 41
Portsmouth 25 38
Reading 25 37
Everton 24 35
Newcastle 25 33
Tottenham 24 33
Middlesbrough 25 31
Blackburn 25 31
Man City 24 30
Aston Villa 25 29
Fulham 25 29
Sheff Utd 25 27
Wigan 24 22
West Ham 25 20
Charlton 25 20
Watford 24 15

Final agony for Cole as injury wrecks Arsenal showdown

Hmmm. Yesterday I think I mentioned something called karma in relation to Lucas Neill...-Sanford

Jay DeMerit Blog

Watford's American defender discusses his club's mission impossible to avoid the drop...-Sanford

Hamburg sack coach Doll after sliding to bottom

Bundesliga: Bremen and Schalke maintain winning ways

On second thoughts ... Andy Cole

He will always be remembered as the man who needed five chances to score, but Andy Cole has a better goalscoring record than Alan Shearer.

(Remember when he played at Newcastle? - Sanford)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here's what's on the top of my head at the moment...

How shite are Spurs and their fans going to feel if they lose tonight to a second-string
Arsenal squad? The Gunner youngsters have made what is usually a boring
competition into an exciting affair this season. Over the years I usually pull for my team
to get eliminated early to alleviate fixture congestion. But this season it’s been different. OK< so the Gunner team will be sprinkled with experience (Gilberto will return) but you get the idea.

And Theo Walcott. So he’s not scoring. It’s OK. If Wenger says it’ll come, it’ll come.
Yes, he is still 17 and Arsene says he’s finishing impressively in training. I trust the Boss. He's said things like this millions of times in the past and been correct 76.4% of the time. I like the odds. While I’m on the subject of Arsenal, I’m glad to see Song go. He can stink it up for
Pardew now. Some people say he was good against Liverpool but I beg to differ. He still
looked lost and his goal bounced in off his body. He knew nothing of it. I also wonder
about Birmingham getting Larsson for £1 million. I hope there is more cash than that
involved, especially when you see the likes of Darren Bent and £18 million being thrown
about. Larsson is lighting up the Championship and that’s a nice take by Steve Bruce.

Speaking of the Championship, come on Derby! The Rams just keep notching the wins
and have managed to keep themselves above Birmingham in the table. It’d be great to
see Premiership football back at Pride Park next year. My wife could bust out the Rammy panties that have been in the drawer since 1997.

Let’s see. What else is up? Oh yes, Bayern Munich fired Felix Magath and brought back
Ottmar Hitzfeld. I can’t really see this making too much of a difference in Munich.
There are too many good teams at the top and it’s not like the old days when Bayern
could just buy their competitors' top players. There is much more parity now. They are
thin and the loss of Ballack has really hurt. Their Champions League match-up with Real
Madrid should prove interesting. Which out of form giant will lose? My bet is on the
Germans. There has been a real shift in the Bundesliga and I don’t know if Bayern will
ever command the respect or enjoy the dominance it once had. In other words, at least one European Giant has fallen and will not be back like some others (Juve, Milan).

Ahh yes, Sir Wayne is scoring again. Shrek has bagged a couple of late to put all the talk
of his lack of goals behind him. Did any of us really think it was an issue? Of course the
media needed a story so they made it one, but come on. ManU are top of the table and
Rooney's form has been fine. So few goals? Not an issue. An issue would be if Ronaldo
goes down. No, like, goes down for real. As in actually gets injured. I think that could
put a big thorn in the Red Devils. That’s why the return of Park is so important. He
provides the same sort of width and pace as Ronaldo. If something were to happen to the
Diving Master, Sir Alex would have back-up. I think it’ll be a tight run to the finish, but
ManU have too much of an advantage. The real fun will be the battle for second. I still
don’t trust Liverpool or Arsenal to become consistent enough to make a real run for the top. Stevie G. tells us his boys are ready but we’ve heard that before. No, I see it finishing like this:

Manchester United

No surprises there.

That’s all the time I’ve got at the moment. Time to tie up some loose ends so I can go home, grab the dog, and head out to see Tottenham travel to the Emirates. And then it'll be time to see Theo's first goal for The Gunners. Who knew the League Cup could be so much fun?


U.S. defender Onyewu joins Newcastle on loan

I don't think I've ever seen The Gooch smile before! He looks good! -Sanford

Liverpool given FIFA nod to sign Mascherano

Ronaldo given muted send-off by Spanish media

England: Premiership Tuesday Wrap

Sheffield United have given their survival hopes a massive boost with a 2-0 win at home to Fulham on an evening when the two teams below them both lost as West Ham lost at home to Liverpool and Wigan were beaten at high-flying Reading.

Germany: Bundesliga Tuesday Wrap

Bayern Munich Crisis Deepens With Bochum Draw...

Bayern Munich sack coach Magath - Report

Charlton Sign Song on Loan

Birmingham spend £1m to keep Arsenal's Larsson

Wednesday Premiership Previews

Bolton host Charlton, Chelsea welcome Blackburn, Manchester United host Watford, and Villa travel to Newcastle...,,277-2575828,00.html

Denilson times his run to perfection

Arsenal's highly rated midfielder hopes to shine in tonight's Carling Cup semi-final against Spurs.,,2002448,00.html

Don’t cry for the Argentinians. Weep for the insularity of English managers

There is a lot riding on Javier Mascherano’s proposed loan transfer to Liverpool; far more than the Premiership career of one player. There is the judgment of Alan Pardew, the reputation of Alan Curbishley, indeed the general ability of what we would style the bread-and-butter English managers to be at home at the high end of the modern game.,,8305-2575232_2,00.html

League Cup: Arsenal vs. Tottenham

If Arsenal believe that they are certain to cruise into the Carling Cup final this evening, Robbie Keane is having none of it.,,27-2575569,00.html

Salihamidzic: a heartening success story

Where would Hasan Salihamidzic be today if he hadn't escaped Sarajevo the day before it was besieged?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cafu, Carew, and the Fine Young Cannibals Dude

Martin O'Neill scored the best deal of the month the is the other day by unloading one-hit wonder Milan Baros and getting an excellent target man in John Carew in return. I've always been impressed with Carew-- he can hold it up well, has excellent vision and scores plenty. I'm eager to see how he'll fare at Villa but as the transfer window begins to close, I'd have to say that it's Martin who wins the prize of best move within the window. Carew is no one-hit wonder and for that matter, neither is Cafu. This other guy, though...

Triplets separated at birth?? -Sanford

Phil Ball in Spain

So Phil Ball is an Englishman living in Spain. And he lives in San Sabastian. Trouble is, the team he supports in San Sabastian (Real Sociedad) is not doing so hot this year. Relegation looms... -Sanford

Davids completes free transfer to Ajax

Remember when he looked like this?

I'm pleased for the Pit Bull. He made the correct decision going back to Amsterdam. I mean, would you rather play at FC Dallas or Ajax? Granted Dallas does boast the brand spanking new Pizza Hut Park, but come on! Dallas or Amsterdam? Holland or Texas? Think of the sweat that would build up under those goggles in 100+ degree heat. Of course, there is no Walker Texas Ranger in Amsterdam... -Sanford

England: Tuesday's EPL Previews,,277-2573596,00.html

Neill Injury Blow For West Ham

Ahhh, what a shame. The guy passes on Liverpool and Champions League football for more $$ and a relegation battle with West Ham. How do you spell karma, Mr. Neill?? -Sanford

Tottenham weigh up move to Wembley

Any Spurs fans out there care to weigh in on this?,,2001831,00.html

Tuesday's rumours,,2001978,00.html

Gerrard Talks Up Reds Title Hopes

This is obviously the right thing for the captain to be saying but it just ain't gonna happen... -Sanford

Baptista Boost For Arsenal

Arsenal's injury troubles have been lessened by the news that Julio's Baptista groin injury was not as bad as first feared.

Mayor kills plan for Real Salt Lake's soccer stadium

Italy: Serie A Team Of The Week

Even at 64 years of age Paolo Maldini makes the cut...

James Richardson in Italy

Wherever he's played, Ronaldo has always scored goals by the bucketload - and Milan will be no different.

Materazzi goes down easily, says Domenech

Good grief. You be the judge.

Here's the article:

Here's the video of the incident:

Soccer's tale of two Ronaldos

Germany: Mid-Week Bundesliga Preview

Bayern face a must win clash with lowly VFL Bochum as the double-double winners aim to get their title tilt back on track.

Coach Felix Magath said during the winter break that his struggling outfit could no longer use a World Cup hangover as the excuse to explain why his stars have under-performed so far this season.

But that did not stop the team losing 3-2 at Borussia Dortmund in their first match of 2007.;_ylt=AopShQJ22yod1VFZWlhEfXUmw7YF?slug=afp-fblger&prov=afp&type=lgns

Sid Lowe in Spain

Yesterday's Basque derby proved that Athletic Bilbao are recovering nicely, but Real Sociedad are doomed.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Rooney's Nice Strike

This is from the Portsmouth FA Cup match. I've got to admit, it's another impressive shot from Shrek... -Sanford

FA Cup Fifth Round Draw

Chelsea v Blackpool or Norwich City
Watford v Ipswich Town
Preston North End v Manchester City
Plymouth Argyle v Derby County
Manchester United v Reading
Arsenal or Bolton Wanderers v Blackburn Rovers
Bristol City or Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion
Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur

The Insider at Emirates Stadium

Wenger is angry (and has every right to be) with Big Sam's ugly tactics as Bolton force a replay...-Sanford

FA Cup Reports

Goals for Beasley and McBride as Citeh and Fulham cruise...

Spain: Primera Liga Reports

Saviola on fire for Barcelona...

Italy: Serie A Reports

This just in: Inter will never lose...

Germany: Bundesliga Match Reports

Bayern drop six points back after loss at Dortmund...

Galaxy's Lalas says Beckham will be worth the money

MADRID, Jan 29 (Reuters) - David Beckham will be worth every cent of his multi-million dollar move to Los Angeles Galaxy, according to club president Alexi Lalas.

The 31-year-old midfielder has agreed a switch from Real Madrid to the Major League Soccer (MLS) side from the end of this season, on a five-year deal worth $250 million including bonuses and endorsements.

Platini confirms Champions League to be overhauled

Newly-elected UEFA chief Michel Platini confirmed he intends to reduce the number of clubs that England, Spain and Italy are allowed to qualify for the Champions League.

Scotland unveil McLeish as Smith successor

Wenger: I may have to prioritise competitions

Calcio Addicts Corner: Inter Headed Down Boulevard Of Broken Dreams?

After so many years of Inter being the annual underachiever, the Nerazzurri have had plenty to smile about this season due to their on-field success. A new scandal, though, threatens to take it all away...

Monday's Rumours

Gooch to Newcastle??,,2001283,00.html

Montella takes off with Fulham,,277-2571448,00.html

Ban Wenger's Wonderkids

Won't somebody, in the name of all that is holy, please do something about Arsenal’s superkids!
This is not the anguished cry of a Spurs fan facing defeat at the hands of Wenger’s . . . erm . . . think, Danny . . . Busby Babes . . . Fergie’s Fledgelings . . . erm . . . ahh . . . Wenger’s Vernals...,,23530-2571905,00.html