Friday, May 27, 2011

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

With only days to go before voting on a new president the crisis at FIFA has gone into overdrive. Sepp Blatter himself is now in the firing line with the news that the ethics committee is to investigating charges he knew about alleged cash payments. Mind you, that ethics committee is set up by FIFA, an institution run by Blatter.
Fifa opens ethics proceedings against president Blatter
Robertson: Fifa election 'a farce'Arguably the best writer on soccer, Martin Samuel, gives his opinion:
What a sack of weasels! Trust no one in this tawdry tale of deceit

Champions League Preview

The Champions League Final is the year's biggest sporting occasion. In 2009 the soccer showpiece overtook the Superbowl in viewing figures. Now, with the game being played on a Saturday and between arguably the two best club teams on the planet, the numbers are expected to be higher than ever. So it's no wonder that the cup with the big ears dominates today's football news. The Telegraph claims to know Utd's line-up [Carrick rather than Fletcher], The Guardian claims Rooney need a magic moment [more magic than the 80 yr old hooker?], Sid Lowe claims Busquets is an unsung hero [to racist divers?], Jack Wilshere claims to know how to stop Barca [run around a lot], while Pique claims to be in dreamland [well he does play for Barca and go out with Shakira].

Revealed: Ferguson's plan to beat Barcelona
Rooney needs a career-defining moment
Barca's best supporting actor sets the stage
Wilshere: space race the key for United
Six of the best! Previous clashes matches between Barca and United
Piqué living in dreamland

Meanwhile, Fergie came up with an original pre-game tactic last night by getting his team to see a more frightening spectacle than Barca: Jersey Boys.

Utd hit the West End before Barca final