Friday, August 04, 2006

MLS stars look for validation vs. Chelsea

Sure, it's a better match-up than in years past but it's still a grab bag of MLS guys versus a team that is just starting to train together after a separation in which most of them were on national team duty. I'm going to give it a miss in favor of Miami Vice at the drive-in... -Sanford

Confident Chelsea ready for MLS All-Stars

Fit for a Hollywood thriller: the story of John Obi Mikel,,1837019,00.html

Friday's rumours,,1837327,00.html

Davids staying at Spurs for another season

Toni pleads with Fiorentina to let him go

Big Sam where are you?! This has Bolton Wanderers written all over it!

Tuesday to make or break Reyes Real move?

Pope retires from international competition

Boro head queue as Real prepare to dump brawling Gravesen

This has "no contest" written all over it. I've never gotten closer to Graveson than when he's been on my television set but I'm still terrified of the guy. I don't think Robinho's step-over move was much help in this brawl. -Sanford

McBride going nowhere, insist Cottagers

McBride's proven that even at 34 he can still play and play well in the Premiership. I'd hate to see him sent to the Championship or go elsewhere in the EPL and ride the pine. His best chance to see action is staying right at Fulham (Coleman loves him, as he should) and I'm glad it looks like that's what will happen. When he's on the pitch for the Cottagers, he opens up a lot of space for other players and generally creates loads of problems for defenders. Oh, and he scores goals, as most good forwards do. But one question: Where did you get those pants?? OK, two questions. What are those pants?? -Sanford

More Photographs From Germany

My occasional travel partner Pat took most of these shots in either Kaiserslautern, Munich or Stuttgart. I'm particularly fond of the one of me preparing to attack my sausage and kraut breakfast in Munich after the overnight train trip. The large foosball table is also nice - there were loads of these all over Germany and they always seemed to be fully occupied with enthusiastic fans.

There are also a couple shots of Allan and Pat at the Nuremberg rally site. Heavy stuff. Allan is the kind Scottish chap from Arizona who sold Ivar a ticket for USA/Ghana. That ticket enabled his girlfriend to attend the very first soccer match of her life. Danke, Allan!

OK - here's the link:

While I have a moment, allow me to weigh in on the Ashley Cole affair. It'll be done soon, and he'll be a Chelsea player. That's fine with me. He's already made it clear that he doesn't want to stay in North London, so we don't want him either. How he could claim the Arsenal managment hung him out to dry after he met with Chelsea's biggies illegally is beyond me. He needs to go now so we can work on team chemistry for the start of the season. Our first Champions League match is fast approaching, and if we play Ashley, he'll be tied and won't be able to show for Chelsea in the Champions League. Hence, expect a resolution soon. I'm eager to see how much we can fetch for him. 20 million? 25? It'll be a hefty sum and Arsene will use it well.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Arsenal to pick Cole in European squad despite transfer furore

Not sure how I feel about this. Will Cole even agree to play if he's picked for the squad? I don't want him on the team with all the crap he's been pulling - I'd rather just get rid of him and cash in.,,1836089,00.html

Foreign stars snub the Bundesliga

Mourinho: Gallas has disrespected the family

Do not, I repeat, do not disrespect The Family...

UEFA slam AC Milan but give them Champions League place;_ylt=An.BgnHFsZVTysRiqQ8BfyYmw7YF?slug=reu-championsmilan&prov=reuters&type=lgns

Bates reports Chelsea over 'tap-up'

Calcio Addicts: Tears Of Joy And Great Tribulation

Champions League Wrap & Third Qualifying Round Draw

Deluded Frank Lampard joins football's book worms,,1835780,00.html

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nerazzurri complete £6.5m Vieira deal

Yeah! Thank God he didn't go to ManU...

Mourinho dismisses Liverpool title challenge

Gunners trio to miss start of season

Gabriele Marcotti column;_ylt=AgUrtn7WOLwjTbxRlUr81Pomw7YF?slug=cnnsi-superstarsweeps&prov=cnnsi&type=lgns

Gallas in hot water as he skips Chelsea's US tour

Wembley rows get more bitter as legal action gets closer

2010 FA Cup Final anyone??,,1835373,00.html

Wednesday's rumours,,1835567,00.html

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Zokora snubbed Arsenal for Spurs

England's coolest head walks tall into the new era

Owen Hargreaves interview...,,1834712,00.html

Cole's absence sparks Arsenal stand-off

What a wanker...,,1834607,00.html

O'Neill 'to take Villa job'

Even with Ellis leaving I wouldn't touch Villa with a ten-foot pole... -Sanford,,1834959,00.html

The Fiver,,1834997,00.html

Home matches for Israeli clubs in UEFA Cup to be played in neutral countries;_ylt=Avx65e2ecCt7SeUIjoAqgJgmw7YF?slug=ap-uefa-israel&prov=ap&type=lgns


They certainly know how to have a good time at Chelsea!! -Sanford


Fulham's German defender Moritz Volz is a massive fan of David Hasselhoff, describing the former Baywatch star as "like some higher spirit". He added: "In times of trouble I ask myself 'How would the Hoff deal with this situation?'"

Andriy Shechenko and Michael Ballack will be forced to take part in a traditional Chelsea initiation ceremony later this week, where they will be asked to sing a number of their choice in front of their new team-mates.

Blues midfielder Joe Cole said: "Absolutely no-one escapes. It's horrible - I was more worried about the singing than making my debut! And when the lads have had enough, they let you know by throwing bread rolls and stuff." (The Sun)

Home for Giggs is a £6m 'carbuncle'

Ryan Giggs: Pure class...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Paradiso to inferno

This is an excellent in-depth look at the Italian scandal...I wonder what the Elvi think of it all?

Part I:,,1830656,00.html

Part II:,,1830710,00.html

The top British transfer fees - and how they rate

Who wants to bet that Juan Sebastian Veron is the worst??,,1834146,00.html

Monday's rumours,,1834149,00.html

Aimar quits Valancia for shock Zaragoza move

Here's a case of a fantastic player who just can't seem to find the right situation. He had some decent spells with Valencia last season, but something always ended up going wrong. Injuries and benching continue to hold him back. I was hoping he'd come to England - he's a joy to watch. And he's still only 26! I'm still pissed at Pekerman for not putting him in for Riquelme in Argentina's last match in Germany. Instead we got Cambiasso. And Argentina went home... -Sanford

McBride: Tough shoes to fill

Tottenham captain King out for up to two months

This is really bad news for Spurs. An already suspect defense has been dealt a rough blow. Better hope those strikers can cover the difference... -Sanford

Rioting supporters set toilets on fire in Brazil

Ahhh...good times

Four red cards and a brawl in Friendship Cup

Ahhh...more good times

The Football League: Beyond the promised land