Friday, September 01, 2006

Cole completes Chelsea transfer, Gallas to Arsenal

Finally! This is the best deal Arsenal could have hoped for. Gallas will give us a good few years and Cole can go piss off to we get 5 mil. Oh, and Pascal Cygan is off to Spain. -Sanford

Beasley joins Manchester City on loan

Arsenal agree Reyes Baptista swap deal

West Ham Laundering Tevez And Mascherano?

I like this theory. You can't help but think that something fishy is going on. It's just too weird...

The man behind MSI,,1862731,00.html

Hammers' jackpot

The BBC's Chief Football Writer Breaks Down the Day...

Moyes To Sue Rooney

I am laughing loudly at the moment...

Euro 2008 General Preview

That's right! It's just around the corner...

Top deadline-day deals

A quick list...,,1862791,00.html#article_continue

Euro 2008 Qualifying: Germany vs. Ireland;_ylt=AhXVubwNfo17ekP07n_xp0wmw7YF?slug=reu-eurogermany_preview&prov=reuters&type=lgns

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Things are getting mental...

It's always a nutty time when the end of the transfer window finally arrives and today is proving to be especially bizzaro. Tevez and Mascherano to the Hammers?! You're talking about one of the most coveted young players in football here. Oh, and toss in Mascherano who had a great World Cup. What sort of magic beans does Alan Pardew have and how do I get some?

Boro have scored nicely with Huth and Woodgate coming to the Riverside. Sure, Woodgate gets hurt looking in the mirror and dons The String, but he's worth the risk, especially on loan. And Huth is a no-frills big man who would solidify almost any back four.

And good news out of Manchester. Citeh are interested in grabbing DeMarcus on loan. As upset as I (and Boris) was yesterday at the prospect of him lighting it up in Salt Lake City, I'm excited about the idea of him flying up the flank for Psycho. Just don't hit the local and then go for a spin, kid.

As of now, it looks like something might (gasp!) happen with Ashley Cole and perhaps even Reyes heading out of Arsenal. -Sanford

Boro sign Huth and Woodgate

Portsmouth complete signing of Andy Cole

Newcastle set to swoop for Boro's Viduka

Sydney's Yorke to link up with Keane at Sunderland?

Tevez 'to join West Ham' in transfer coup

Are you kidding me?! This is mental. Barcelona, Madrid, Inter, Milan, Chelsea, ManUre, Arsenal. But not West Ham!! Just how have they managed to pull this off?

Magpie Milner set for Villa move

Derby fails to get work permit for striker Wolff

Lee denies religion scuppered Roma move

Lee denies religion scuppered Roma move

Cole saga rumbles on as transfer deadline nears

Kevin Nolan column

The Bolton captain weighs in on elbows and arms...

Primera Liga Best XI (Round 1)

Inter to face Fiorentina on opening day, Juventus begin life in Serie B

Frank Dell'Apa on Caribbean players choosing Scandinavia over MLS

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kanu's miss versus Boro

OK, OK. Since I posted his amazing hat trick against Chelsea yesterday it's only fair that I post his amazing miss versus Boro today...

And while we're at it, here's a fun compilation of ridiculous misses:

I think the one where the ball stops in the mud takes the cake...

Phil Ball in Spain

Cole must get his head right, insists Hill-Wood

U.S. Open Cup yet to reach the mainstream

Vieri signs pay-as-you-play deal with Atalanta

I make more than Bobo, I make more than Bobo...

Americans Abroad

Sheffield Wednesday vs. Leeds:

Danny Califf excels in Denmark:

Jemel Johnson makes Mick McCarthy happy at Wolves:

Aston Villa sign £8million Petrov from Celtic

Well played, Martin. Well played. You've already signed a far superior player than the last two Villa managers ever did...

How Thatcher's actions left my beloved City in ruins

And thanks to "Anonymous" for providing this clip of the Thatcher mugging:

Wednesday's rumours,,1861170,00.html

Super Romario

Hail old king Kanu!

Resident Yank: Premiership Management Ramble And Week Two Recap

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some thoughts as the leagues get going

We're a few weeks into the English season and Spain and Germany are off and running and there are already some big surprises. First, however, one thing that is not a surprise is the lack of Serie A. It seems like they are delayed every year by some sort of legal proceeding and this year is no exception. It fact it's the Grand Delay. Let's face it: soccer in Italy is in shambles. I find it fascinating that more players aren't just getting the hell out of there. Yeah, sure, the living is good and everything, but the league's reputation has been severly damaged (after years and years of unproven allegations) and if I were a top player I'd be in England or Spain.

But enough of that sadness. In the Premiership, a few things have happened. Mainly, Chelsea have already lost. I just assumed they'd be undefeated against anyone but Liverpool or ManUre. But kudos to Boro - they've given the league some hope. Chelsea just don't seem settled yet and The Special One has some work to do figuring out how to fit all his midfielders together. The situation seems a bit like what Sven faced with the England squad.

And ManUre are out of the blocks a lot faster than I anticipated. I really thought there would be at least some sort of squad issue left over from the Rooney/Ronaldo World Cup party. You know, just a general unease that would lead to some dropped points out of the gate. Plus, they still haven't replaced Keane. But it doesn't seem to matter in the least. Three from three and they're tops. Followed closely by 'Arry's Portsmouth. 'Ol 'Arry picked up Kanu on a free. Brilliant.

And what about Spurs? Berbatov, Defoe, Mido, Keane. Someone besides Defoe is gonna get pissed (angry, not drunk) sitting on the bench. They've also dropped more points than anticipated. I could see them developing into a Jekyll and Hyde side that is scintillating one day and flat as hell the next.

As for Arsenal, they look like they've not learned their lesson from last season. You can make lovely passes around the box all day but it doesn't mean a bloody thing if you don't score. My anguish reached its peak when Rosicky squared to shoot from a similar spot as his great goal against the U.S. in Gelsinkirchen, but pulled out in favor of a square ball. As the commentator put it, "If you've got that kind of shot in your locker, why not have a go?" True. True. Their defensive frailties have been exposed as well. They need more cover it the back - Hoyte isn't ready for prime time.

Down in Spain, I don't see anyone matching Barca this year. Give Real another year and they might do it but Capello will need more time to get things sorted. I think Barcelona signing The Good Johnson was a brilliant move. He'll flourish with the extra time he'll get in La Liga. He's a great replacement for Larsson but better because he's younger and quicker. Look for Valencia and Atletico to be there at the end. Valencia could suffer if the Ayala situation isn't sorted but with Villa and Morientes (he scores in Spain!) up front and Edu, Vicente, Baraja, et al in the middle, they're solid.

Kanu Kills Chelsea

Since he's top of the scoring chart in the EPL at the moment, I thought it would be nice to relive his glorious hat-trick against Chelsea from 1999. I'll never forget watching that match in misery only to see Kanu take over and snatch a victory. The Gunners could use him now...

Middlesbrough 0-4 Portsmouth: Pompey up to second

Celta Vigo 2-3 Barcelona: Eidur nets late winner

DeMarcus Beasley mulls a move home

What the hell is he thinking? Exactly what is he going to do in MLS? He's obviously been hanging out with Landon way too much. If playing for a top European team like PSV, seeing quality Champions League action, and winning the Dutch League are not doing it for The Kid then we've got a problem. It's almost sickening. If our best players don't enjoy playing in the top leagues than the U.S. team will never amount to anything. Beasley at Real Salt Lake? What a waste. -Sanford

Mido set for Spurs switch

Tim Vickery on Brazil vs. Argentina

Alan Hansen's column - Villa hit jackpot

He did get Angel to score somehow so maybe he is The Savior...

Norman Hubbard on Jermain Defoe

And now Jol has got another striker in Mido. Poor Jermaine...

Tuesday's rumours,,1860407,00.html

Sid Lowe in Spain

Arsenal gunning for Tevez

If they get him they'll have to put him directly into the Shot Reduction Program that the whole squad seems to have embraced...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Richard Jolly at Ewood Park

English Premier League Reports

Mixed fortunes for Madrid pair in Primera Liga

Primera Liga reports

Napoli dump Juve out of Italian Cup

Players storing children's stem cells as "repair kit":

Wenger pledges Arsenal recovery as United set pace

Inter stage stunning fightback to win Super Cup

Reyes says he will not play in England again

Sid Lowe on Beckham and Real Madrid,,1858816,00.html