Friday, August 03, 2007

Sanford Speaks: August 3, 2007

Can you believe that it’s already Community Shield time? That means that the transfer window will soon shut and we can have a break from all the rumors for at least a little while. I’ll probably check out some of the Shield, but since I loath both teams, it’s a little tough to watch when you don’t want anything to happen. I wonder how bad this Lampard injury really is? Could it lead to problems down the road? And for those of you who don’t know, the Community Shield is the traditional curtain-raiser to the domestic season between the top English League and FA Cup Champions. It used to be called the Charity Shield because all the proceeds went to Charity. They still do, but the name has been changed. The first Charity Shield match was played in 1908 between Manchester United and Queens Park Rangers. Liverpool are the current Shield holders after beating Chelsea 2-1 in Cardiff last year. Wembley wasn’t yet ready, hence the match in Wales.

I was hoping that Arsenal could get a few more quid for Jose Antonio Reyes, but at least he’s gone. I really liked him, but if he can’t handle the weather in England, then what are you gonna do? As someone who is really into weather, I can understand. I’m not sure I could live there either. Best of luck to him at Atletico. At least he didn’t return to Real.

Here’s an odd one: Nery Castillo to Shakhtar Donetsk. Word is he'll receive a pretty hefty salary, which I suppose is enough for the Mexican to be lured to the Ukraine. But I can’t help but be a tad upset, because I really enjoyed watching him play for Mexico this summer (particularly when he notched this beauty against Brazil) and was hoping he’d move to a club that would grace my TV at least occasionally this year. Perhaps the Ukrainian champs will have a decent Champions League run, but I’m not counting on it.

Weirdest photo of the last couple of weeks? Freddie Ljungberg and West Ham/Icelandic Moneybags Eggert Magnusson side-by-side at Freddie’s presentation. Both bald, one pretty, one not-so-pretty. Weird.

Some questions: How will Manchester City fair with all these new signings? How much time will DeMarcus Beasley get with Rangers? How will a fit again Bobby Convey reintegrate into his Reading side? Can Old Man McBride continue to lead the line effectively at Craven Cottage and keep them up? Can Inter capture the Scudetto now that the playing field is level and Juventus have returned to Serie A? What will Barcelona look like with Eto’o, Ronaldhino and Henry? Do they have enough defense to win La Liga or the CL?

I’m glad this Tevez nightmare appears to be finally put to rest. What a boring waste of my time. Once at United, I think he’ll do well. Veron has warned about being a flop, like he was, and like Forlan was, but I don’t see that happening. As long as Sir Alex gives him the freedom to roam, he’ll do well. Veron is a passer who needs a particular system to function well. He didn’t have that system at Old Trafford and he suffered. Forlan is a true striker. If a striker can’t hit the target, he can’t hit the target. And he failed to do so at ManU and flopped. He’s since regained form in Spain. But Tevez has a lot more to his game and his style is not as rigid as the other two. I see him doing well. But hopefully not too well.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the Shield should you chose to view and remember: only one week to go before the EPL returns! Onward! -Sanford


Bartholomew said...

You can always cheer for fights, yellow cards, bad calls, and if you are really feeling spiteful... injuries. Not that I would ever do that.

The Editor said...

I know. I feel like that's bad karma, though. I mean, not that I wouldn't love to see Rooney go down in a mess of bones popping through skin, but I probably shouldn't say it out loud. Oops.

Bobbie BS said...

I will answer all of your questions:

1. Man City will struggle for the first half and then adapt to boring boring Svenball and finish very safe but far down the table.
2. DaMarcus will not play much at first but will win the confidence of his coach and be starting by Christmas. 4 goals,8 assists and strong defense. Next season he'll be back in England.
3. Bobby's season will be a bit of a disappointment as he doesn't play particularly well or often and Reading, lacking Steely Steve Sidwell, in midfield will be relegated.
4. McBride's final season will be less glorious than last year but he'll play well in a more limited role. By the end of the year he'll be a 20 minute substitute. Fulham will be relegated, along with Reading and Derby.
5. No, Milan will win the league. Inter will fall apart and Mancini will be the next coach of the Azzurri after Donadoni's squad loses several more important players to international retirement and goes out of Euro 2008 after the first round.
6. Barca will look like nursery school playtime when there are not enough toys. Eto'o will throw tantrums, Henry will throw tantrums, Ronaldinho will sulk and Messi will just smile, score goals and make everyone else look bad.
5. Barca will leak goals and finish 3rd in La Liga and go out in the first knockout round of the CL. However they'll bring home the Copa del Rey as a consolation prize.

Any more questions?

The Editor said...

I do have more questions but you'll have to wait for next Friday...