Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is Ronaldo gay?

In reply to yesterday's article on the new Bex, Perdo asked: Is Ronnie gay?

Well, he did win this, but his dish-washing girlfriend Gemma looks like this:

Gemma looks like she enjoys more than two rice cakes and a black coffee for her evening meal, so she might not make it as the new Victoria. Mind you, David did have a fling with the shy and retiring Rebecca here, so maybe Ronnie is his heir apparent after all.

Rebecca also saved Bex's marriage, which was most kind of her. Unfortunately she also cost him his one real chance of glory.

Back to Ron. Maybe he is gay after all:

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The Editor said...

Thanks, Alec. As if the Carolina summer isn't hot enough already. I guess things in Hamburg remain nice and icy...

Bobbie BS said...

I don't think Ronny would every be seen running around with a Loos woman like that. Ha ha! I kill me.

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