Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Liverpool take a stroll in Eindhoven

Personally I thought Liverpool's top showing last night was due to their cool, 70's style numbers. Luckily the Missus, in typical teutonic style, set me straight, pointing out that Mascherano was 'getting mentioned alot'. Stevie G, as usual, gets all the headlines, but the Argentinian was exceptional. According to the bloke on the telly, Rafa has only paid £1.5 m for him. This seems hard to believe, but whatever the price, he was worth it. West Ham have handled him brilliantly: first they get him on some dodgy lay-a-way scheme which could see them loose points, then they dodn't play him [shame no one watched the small, obscure tournament last summer in which he played quite well], now he's gone for peanuts. Well, at least the Hammers aren't in danger of going down...

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