Friday, April 06, 2007

Jimmy Bullard profile

Jimmy Bullard is one of my favourite football players. Witty, modest, thankful - the antithesis of the modern player...

Injured Bullard still finding a way to hit back of the net

He's also a bit of a joker:


The Editor said...

Hilarious! I'm surprised the loser ref didn't card him or something. Thanks for the vid.

Bobbie BS said...

I had the pleasure of seeing Jimmy play whilst visiting Craven Cottage last summer. Great attacking player, very dynamic, and most importantly he played like an entertainer. He scored a hell of a goal on a free kick as well. Too bad about his injury and I'm looking forward to watching him keep Clint Dempsey (that's Cum Dumpster to Ivar) on the bench next season.