Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chicago Fire Add Blanco

I feel for my pals in Chicago who now have to watch this maggot take the field in Fire colors.

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Bobbie BS said...

Apparently 5000 people showed up for a meet and greet last night at the TP. This is obviously a marketing coup for the Fire and they're hoping it turns the team into a big draw in the Latino community. This certainly wasn't the case when Jorge Campos played in town but Blano is a much bigger draw. Whether the Blanco fans become Fire fans or not remains to be seen. While this signing is obviously driven by the marketing department it could play out on the field any number of ways. Blano still has something to give, as a recent callup to the national team proves. Whether or not he chooses to give that or if he treats his time in the US as a vacation will go a long way toward determining how the non-Latino fans will recieve him. If, like Hristo Stoichkov, he conducts himself like a classy pro and commits himself to the team lots of skeptical fans (myself included) will feel a lot better about supporting him. If he takes the Lothar Mattaus route or continues with his disdainful attitude toward the American game and fanbase, well let's just say we'll see what happens. And now, having put my best foot forwad, let me say that I also called season ticketing to inquire about getting a refund for my '07 package. No dice.