Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jonathan Wilson on the Champions League Final

Barcelona's team we know; Manchester United's is a matter of speculation, a fact that, in itself, is indicative of two things. First, that Barcelona is the favorite, with such a defined and familiar style of play that, even in this age of rotation, it is possible, as with the greats of the past, to rattle through a first eleven.

Don't worry -- it turned out he was OK!

But secondly, it suggests how fortunate Barcelona has been with injury this season. Its training methods are clearly superb, and its players regularly run on average a mile or so more than opponents in the same game, and the club deserves great credit for that, but still, there is an element of fortune that nobody has caught their studs in the turf while turning, or taken a whack on the knee or ankle at the wrong angle.

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Sarah said...

Normally I root against ManU, but Barca lost me with all their dives, whining, and gamesmanship against Real. Still, can't wait for the game though!