Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quotes of the Week

"Aston Villa is not a club on the same level as Liverpool, let's be objective and honest. It's a club that according to me has belonged between seventh and 12th place in the Premier League." Gerard Houllier endears himself to his new supporters. For the record, Aston Villa have finished in the top six for nine out of 18 seasons in the Premier League.

"They think to themselves, 'if I play a game for the first team all these girls will be after me, I will be invited to all these nightclubs, I will be able to get a new car and buy myself a nice flat'". Rio Ferdinand laments the mindset of young footballers. Pot. Kettle. Black.

"Because I'm rich." Mario Balotelli's reported response when quizzed by police officers after crashing his car over why he had £5,000 in cash in his back pocket.

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