Friday, April 02, 2010

Friday MLS Forecast

The Forecast reviews the revised Designated Player rules before delving into a truncated Week 2 fixture list.


Bobbie BS said...

Another MLS rule change completely driven by the Galaxy and Soft Drink. The league had do to something to resolve the Landon/Beckham vs 1 DP slot problem beyond the "we don't actually apply roster rules to the the Galaxy" solution that the league has been using for the last couple of years. This allows Soft Drink to follow up on the "special teams deserve special rules" noise that's been emanating from the fan base since the league was founded; the chances that anyone aside from the NY and DC teams will use a second or third DP are slim to none. The bribe money portion of this solution is interesting but I wonder if the league would be better off discarding the absurd notion of fairness that this intends to promote and just blowing up the salary cap. This would make the player union happy while allowing the self-styled super teams to build more complete rosters rather than forcing Soft Drink to compete with Angel, Henry Vieria and a bunch of minimum salary guys. As it is the league is employing some highly tortured logic to present the facade of fairness which it clearly isn't interested in preserving.

The Editor said...

Bob -- you are the MLS Man.