Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More on Arsenal's Demise

Matt Hughes:

The telltale sign of Arsenal’s faltering progress in recent years is that their end-of-season inquests have arrived earlier and earlier.

Kevin McCarra:
Wenger needs taller, stronger players. Not small-mindedness.

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Bartholomew said...

The season is not over.

Chelsea have always been the favorites. The rest of the big 4 have dropped points while showing weaknesses.

Still, you can't write off losses at Wigan and Villa. Nor can you dismiss their 90+ winners against Stoke and Hull. Consider that Drogba and Essien (not to mention Mikel and Kalou) will be gone in January. Remember that for all of the midfield depth they have only Danniel Sturridge behind Elk and Drogs, both of whom have injury histories.

Chelsea have not become unbeatable just because we were wasteful and small. I would not bet against them but Dec 1 is way too early to call the title challenge off.