Monday, November 30, 2009

England: Premier League Special Reports

Arsenal 0 - 3 Chelsea
Dominic Fifield: Ashley Cole makes his point
Harry Harris: Men against boys
Richard Williams:
Arsenal's flimsy title challenge torn apart

Everton 0 - 2 Liverpool
Richard Jolly: Kuyt industry key for Reds
Phil McNulty:
Everton and Moyes face testing times

Aston Villa 1 - 1 Tottenham
Harry Harris: Spurs edge ahead in top-four race


Bartholomew said...

I do think all this men and boys stuff is a bit silly. I've been reading a lot about how big they were, how they know how to win, how they are physical...

Fine. They are also fatter, twatier, and Englishier.

As for why they won:

Chelsea have Didier Drogba. Though a huge c*nt, he's the best striker in the world. He finished the few chances he got. You can get all over Verms and the frog but that humongous douche bag will do that to anyone.

Arsenal were always going to have to play their way and score several (at least two). Eduardo was complete poo. I'd have taken him off for the Tommy Gun at HT and moved ArRusshaven to the center forward.

No question we missed RVP. We knew about his sick notes before. I think we came to play and other than Eduardo, I was happy with how things were going at the 40 minute mark.

I thought we started brightly in the second too. I would have removed Denilson instead of Song. The kids (Nasri, Vela, Walcott) really need to gain confidence and take through balls in and have shots. There were way too many turns outside when really it was time to strike.

Our title chances might be over but if so its because they have Essien and (mostly) Drogba. If we are going to get all over Arsene today we should at least suggest where he find players as good as they, yes?

I just don't remember too many incidents where Chelsea out fought us. We were physical and we won a lot of 50-50s. They took their few chances and we did not even attempt shots when we had them.

We can get better but this team has to score goals to win. (I learned this from David f*cking Pleat) We are not going to become big fat c@unts like Chelsea. Two league games without RVP and no goals says a lot to me. We need to find someone besides Eduardo for that center role or the challenge really will be done.

gabriellus said...

It's a drag, but I saw this all last week in the loss to Sunderland. We look small on the pitch, we won nothing in the air, and were just pushed around by just plain-ole bigger guys.

I wish it had something to do with our injuries, but it's not looking like it...

Pedro said...

A feeble display from the Gunners. It was glorious to watch.