Friday, October 23, 2009

Vive le Foot!

It was quite the week for French teams in European football where Lyon showed incredible poise and Hugo Lloris certainly scored some points as the # 1 goalkeeper for France for the World Cup…it was also somewhat poetic justice to see a team Houllier successfully coached for 2 years beat Benitez’s Liverpool at Anfield…

Grenoble coach just wants to know how it feels to not lose...trophies can come later...

Meanwhile Marseille did the job at Zurich while Bordeaux ended up beating a 9-man Bayern after missing two (!) penalties…hardly the stuff of legend but a victory nevertheless. Now it’s back to the less glamorous Ligue 1 that showed a few signs of exhaustion with losses by Lyon, Bordeaux and the realization that PSG still was a rather unlucky mediocre team…meanwhile Montpellier continues to impress as a co-leader (!) with Lyon while tiny Lorient is already positioning itself as a Europe league contender…

Arsenal fans might complain about Van Persie’s low goal scoring tally but I’m not sure they would have been impressed with Bordeaux target striker Marouane Chamakh who has yet to find the net after…12 games in Ligue 1 and Champions League. Sunderland and West Ham must be happy…Meanwhile Le Mans…zzzz…

BordeauxLe Mans 1 – 1

Boulogne tied at Le Mans, hello Ligue 1, we’re hereto stay! Meanwhile Guy Lacombe is working is magic at Monaco with the help of Nene, best scorer with 7 goals in 9 games.

BoulogneMonaco 1 - 2

The Nancyboys are playin Grenoble, the team with no defense and no points…until tomorrow? Nancy got spanked by OM at home and they will probably stay up late Friday night saying “C’mon guys, one more, train to Grenoble is only in 3 hours…”

Spellcheck suggests “granola” for Grenoble

GrenobleNancy 1 - 1

Nice seemed to get slightly better but things are actually getting much worse and they will wrongly think they can take advantage of a Lyon side basking in Anfield glory.

Nice – Lyon 1 - 2

St Etienne beat the champion then falls to Montpellier. Valenciennes beat…Grenoble.

St Etienne wants to know why Montpellier and Lorient are doing so great while their own legend is going so blah. Allez les Verts!

St Etienne – Valenciennes 3 - 1

It used to be one nil to the Lo-ree-yan but now they’re scoring goals. Sochaux made a point of beating Lyon in support of Charlie Davies. They will miss him against Lorient

Sochaux – Lorient 1 - 1

Rennes still hasn’t regained it early season form and they will be held up by Montpellier who WANT the first place alone.

RennesMontpellier 1 - 3

Auxerre beat the Champions last weekend but they are meeting a team high on Europa victory (Genoa!)

Auxerre – Lille 2 - 0

Toulouse had a sad trip to Ukraine in the Europa league…Lens is looking like it’s going back to where it came from…Ligue 2.

Lens – Toulouse 0 - 0

This is the first Classico of the season and one could have hoped to see both team at the top of the table but no, and there is no indication that PSG will not lose. Hoareau is out for weeks. Erding is back!

Marseille – PSG 3 – 1

I had 6 good picks last weekend including perfect scores!

1 - Lyon 20 pts

2 – Montpellier 20 pts

3 - Bordeaux 19 pts

4 – Monaco 18 pts

5 – Marseille 17 pts

18 - Lens 8 pts

19 - Nice 8 pts

20 - Grenoble 0 pts

The Frenchman!

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