Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quotes & Chants of the Week

"I lost sight of the official ball and stayed on the red one. I went for the red ball instinctively as it was the closest to me and the other went past me."
Pepe Reina on THAT beach ball.

"You have to say he was right on the spot and kept up with play well."
Mischievous Mark Hughes praises Alan Wiley's handling of the Wigan-Man City game, following Sir Alex Ferguson's comments that the official was too unfit.

"It wasn't like Carlos Tevez, who played a few games for West Ham and then wouldn't celebrate for Man City. I had seven years at this club."
Harry Redknapp on refusing to celebrate Tottenham's goals against old club Portsmouth.

"I have been criticised for not hiring Xabi Alonso or Gareth Barry. But if I signed them, I would have killed Song, Diaby and Denilson."
Wenger on the problem that prevents him from replacing players.

ITV presenter: "So apart from pace, Steve, what does Gabby (Agbonlahor) bring to this England side?"
Steve Bruce: "Well, raw pace obviously."
Bruce before the England-Belarus game.

Andy Gray: "Three-and-a-bit goals the average (per game in the Premier League) so we're due at least one more."
Martin Tyler: "Is the bit the one that goes in off the beach ball?"
During Man City-Wigan.

"It's my birthday tomorrow, so obviously that was an early Christmas present from the lads."
Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce, who sounds ever-so-slightly confused after the win over Burnley.

"Jim Bullard, Bullard
He's worse than Steve Gerrard
He's fatter than Frank Lampard
Jim Bullard, Bullard."
Fulham fans welcome back Jimmy Bullard (to the tune of Que Sera Sera).

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