Monday, October 19, 2009

Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin loves London but is baffled by customs

Meet the tough little forward whose foot was sliced open yet he carried on, even scoring as the blood seeped out.

“But the lifestyle is very difficult for me. There are a lot of rules I don’t understand. In Russia, you can break any rule. Here you can’t break rules.’’

“There are a lot of crazy things here. What does ‘British food’ mean? I heard about fish and chips but I do not eat it. I heard about ales! Ales! A special drink like beer but without gas! I’ve not tried it. And what is porridge? At home, I eat soups and Russian salads.’’


Bartholomew said...

In other Arsenews, it will be like a new signing when Theo returns in December. This is 19th time in the last three seasons that we've signed Walcott.

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