Thursday, March 06, 2008

MLS Comes Down on Away Support

Classic MLS here. Since its foundation the league has always had a very top-down view of the product, from the ownership structure to the player contracts. They've always shown little support for fan run fan organizations beyond designated seating sections and bending rules to allow supporters in certain sections to stand for the duration of the game. It seems that this indifference has been replaced by active discouragement, at least in cases where the stadiums are more than half full. Toronto FC and the always moronic (at least in the Guppy era) Chicago Fire front office are conspiring to restrict attendance by traveling fans. Is this because they see traveling fans as a threat to the wholesome family oriented atmosphere coveted by most front offices or because they feel that guaranteeing tickets to traveling groups shortsells their own walkup sales. Regardless it's pointlessly stupid and sadly typical MLS move.

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