Thursday, November 08, 2007

Redknapp: Champions League Is Boring

You can always count on 'Arry to tell it like it is. I could not agree more with his assessment. I think "plodding" is the most accurate adjective he uses here. But with all the money out there it'll be tough if not impossible for UEFA to go back to a shortened format. -Sanford


Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp thinks Europe's top club competition is in danger of losing its way thanks to the league format which, he believes, has made it "boring."
The Champions League is "fast replacing the Carling Cup" and the group stages have become "monotonous" and "plodding" in the opinion of Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp.

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Unknown said...

It would be different if a minnow made a decent run, as occasionally happens in the FA Cup, but that NEVER happens in the CL. And with the Superbowl-ish decider, there's no way it would ever revert back to a true "league" format. Oh, to read those words "what was essentially a final" again...