Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Arena Resigns as Coach of the Red Bulls

Things did not go as planned for The Bruce in New York...

And Martin Rogers says: Despite more reports citing more sources than you can shake a red card at insisting he had been fired, Arena was adamant he had left on his own terms. But hey, maybe everyone is wrong. Maybe this is all part of Arena's master plan. If he has somehow fooled everyone, then we will surely see him turn up in some high-profile coaching position over the next few months.

What is more likely, though, is that he will emerge with microphone in hand, ready to let rip with a stream of acidic comments from the sanctity of the television commentary booth. There, he will have the license to sound off all he likes and it won't matter.


Bobbie BS said...

Well this should be funny. Who's going to be the new coach of Red Bull and the Galaxians? Lippi? Cappello? Trappatoni? Ottmar Hitzfeld? The Special One? Gullitt?

Once all of the big namers laugh Lalas and the Red Bull management team out of the room they'll be looking at the usual list of retreads- Sigi Schmid, Octavio Zambrano, Steve Sampson, Fernando Clavijo. My nomination for dark horse: Bungmasters John Gregory and Terry Venables.

The Editor said...

John Gregory would be great. But do we have enough hair gel in the States to handle his demands??