Sunday, November 04, 2007

Arsenal 2 Manchester United 2

The highly anticipated top of the table clash may have failed to deliver in the first half, but things certainly picked up in the second. Arsenal probably deserved more than a point against Liverpool last week, but against ManU, a team far better equipped at exploiting space, they were perhaps a touch lucky. ManU, who seem to get stronger by the game, will be kicking themselves.
It's difficult to assess Arsenal. As against Pool, Adebayor looked light up front [he is only 23 in fairness], and as Bobbie said on the blog a couple of days ago, Rosicky is a passenger at the moment. Wenger will be looking forward to the return of RVP. Patrick Barclay points out below that Arsenal also look weak in the air. That said, there's a real steal to the Gooners - coming back from behind against Liverpool and ManU in the space of a week is no mean feat. Despite people writing them off at the start of the season they're top of the league, beating the weaker teams, taking points from their rivals, but still have areas where they can improve. Hardly the worst situation in which to be.
Performance wise ManU have really turned things round from the beginning of the season. Hargreaves is excellent at protecting their defence, Rooney is on top form, and being able to bring on player like Saha is a real bonus. They have a variety of player which enables them to change style and tactics as needed, and are understandably the bookies favourites to win the league.
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The Editor said...

The things upon which Arsenal could improve are the things they've needed to improve upon for years: defense against set pieces and lack of prowess in the air. I don't see any change coming any time soon.

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