Friday, October 26, 2007

Inter Tony Revoltion Manager

With a spare hour I thought I'd check for any interesting soccer articles. Unfortunately it means sifting through crap like "Pop group Simply Red to split up". Fuck, I can't believe it's taken this long. Mind you, in a world where Gary Megson gets to be an EPL manager I guess anything can happen. Though out of interest, while you can certainly understand why he'd want to to, how the hell does that twat Mick Hucknall spilt from himself?
More interesting, well somewhat more interesting, where the following peices:

The News favourite Gabriele Marcotti reviews the Italian FA's fining of Inter for offensive banners, and if it's perhaps a touch over the top.
Ultra-cautious stand a real passion killer

Another News regular Tony Cascarino tries his hand at being an Agony Uncle:
Dear Tony...

Martin Samuel puts the boot into McClaren and the England team:
Evolution will happen only when tactical revolution is embraced

And here's a review of Football Manager 2008. I've never played it myself, but heard it's pretty darn addictive.
Football Manager 2008

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