Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pachuca the heavy favorites in the SuperLiga final

L.A. Galaxy vs. Pachuca,
Wednesday, August 29
Home Depot Center, Carson, Calif.
11 p.m. EDT

For a tournament about to conclude its first incarnation, the SuperLiga has plenty of reasons to hold its head high. The nascent competition has featured competitive matches, with the requisite amount of drama and nastiness, and for the most part, the games have been well-attended.

The tournament is still far from perfect of course. The Champions League it isn't, and questions abound about how seriously some of the Mexican entrants -- not to mention their fans -- took the SuperLiga. So it seems fitting that all of these traits define Wednesday's final between Pachuca and the Los Angeles Galaxy: imperfect, but still filled with plenty of reasons to watch.

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