Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Americans Abroad

Sheffield Wednesday vs. Leeds:

Danny Califf excels in Denmark:

Jemel Johnson makes Mick McCarthy happy at Wolves:


Anonymous said...

Talk about dodging a bullet:

From the BBC:


Derby boss Billy Davies has failed in his attempt to sign USA striker Josh Wolff who was refused a work permit

Derby managing director Mike Horton told Rams website: "Billy believed he would have made the perfect partner for Steve Howard. But personally I'm really glad. The Yank would have probably kept picking up the ball in an attempt to score a try, I mean, touchdown. Thank the Gods!"

An employment tribunal ruled that Wolff, 29, had not made the required number of international appearances, and above all just wasn't good enough for the Rams. Kansas City Wizards striker Wolff played for the USA in the World Cup in Germany and has 45 caps.

The Editor said...

Hah! Nice one. 'Ol Volfee certainly DID dodge a bullet. Imagine having to play in Derby. Godawful place...