Thursday, August 31, 2006

Things are getting mental...

It's always a nutty time when the end of the transfer window finally arrives and today is proving to be especially bizzaro. Tevez and Mascherano to the Hammers?! You're talking about one of the most coveted young players in football here. Oh, and toss in Mascherano who had a great World Cup. What sort of magic beans does Alan Pardew have and how do I get some?

Boro have scored nicely with Huth and Woodgate coming to the Riverside. Sure, Woodgate gets hurt looking in the mirror and dons The String, but he's worth the risk, especially on loan. And Huth is a no-frills big man who would solidify almost any back four.

And good news out of Manchester. Citeh are interested in grabbing DeMarcus on loan. As upset as I (and Boris) was yesterday at the prospect of him lighting it up in Salt Lake City, I'm excited about the idea of him flying up the flank for Psycho. Just don't hit the local and then go for a spin, kid.

As of now, it looks like something might (gasp!) happen with Ashley Cole and perhaps even Reyes heading out of Arsenal. -Sanford

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