Friday, July 11, 2014

Suárez From Liverpool To Barcelona, Sánchez From Barcelona To Arsenal, Final Previews, Screetch Cuts His Hair

What? It's not OK to call you "negrito?" 
And there goes another week, folks. How about that? All eyes are firmly fixed on Sunday, (where are you watching?!?! OMG?!?!?) but other stuff is happening since the Transfer Window is still firmly ajar. The big news is that the deal to send Luis Suárez to Barcelona is finally done. The Cannibal is off to Catalonia. The other big news is that Barcelona have sent Alexis Sánchez the other way. He's been signed by Arsenal. You want articles? Do it.

Luis Suárez

Alexis Sánchez

So the World Cup has been pretty great, right? Right? Wait. Has the World Cup been that good? Nick Hornby thinks that it has. And has not.

On to the previews! It all comes to an end on Sunday (we're ignoring the match tomorrow, even though Jeff Carlisle has a few solid reasons why we should not) when Germany and Argentina go at it in Rio. Tune to ABC at 3pm EDT to see how it all plays out.

Germany vs. Argentina
Philip Oltermann: The View From Germany
Marcela Mora y Araujo: The View From Argentina
John Brewin: Five Storylines

And finally... he cut his hair, folks.



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