Thursday, July 10, 2014

It'll Be Argentina vs. Germany, More On Brazil's Horror, Winners & Losers

What up? Not the best of matches yesterday, sadly. Penalties were pretty much in the cards from early on. Regardless, the South American team defeated the European team and they'll battle it out on Sunday. Here's what happened in Brazil on Wednesday and here is the breakdown from Argentina's victory:

Holland 0 - 0 Argentina (aet 2-4 pens)
Grant Wahl: Three Thoughts

As we know, Brazil has quite the footballing history. Loads of stars. One of them is Zico. Zico is a legend. Zico is livid. And what next for the Dutch? Raphael Honigstein checks in on the future of the Oranje.

More trouble for Nigeria. They've been suspended from international football by SPECTRE FIFA. Again.

So. It's almost all over. Who were the big winners? DeAndre Yedlin? Indeed. Who were the big losers? Samir Nasri? Indeed. And you know what we missed in the otherwise wonderful World Cup? Yes! The Zlatan!

And finally...An analysis by the Fare Network of racist and homophobic activity during the tournament in Brazil found it to have reached double figures ahead of this week’s semi-finals.
None of those incidents were sanctioned by Fifa, despite it having been made aware of the majority of them by Fare or through the media. According to the Fare report, which has been seen by Telegraph Sport, they include “homophobic” chanting by Brazil and Mexico supporters, far-right banners displayed by followers of Germany, Russia and Croatia, racist attacks instigated by England fans and discriminatory costumes and make-up worn by visitors from a number of countries. Fifa’s disciplinary committee did consider taking action in several of those cases but controversially decided none of them constituted breaches of its rules.



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