Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Podcast, Champions League, Top Scribes, Yanks Abroad

Let's start with The Podcast. Jimbo, Sid Lowe, etc. The best in the business, as far as we're concerned.

Speaking of Sid Lowe, it wouldn't be Tuesday without a look at his update from Spain. And who's the other top scribe in Spain? Mr. Ball, of course. Phil traveled to check out Falcao in the flesh and has a report. Rock me, Amadeus.

Remember Landon Donovan? Sounds like he's ready to put up his boots and move to the booth. Ugh. Can you imagine Landon Donovan and Warren Barton together? Shoot us all. Now.

Tuesday also means Americans Abroad (at left). Not too much happened but it's good to get an update regardless. Speaking of America, here's stuff about MLS. Playoffs?! Playoffs?! Yes, Jim Mora. Calm down. And Ian Darke is curious about Team USA.

Ajax. Once dominant. Not so anymore. Here's an article prior to their match against Manchester City tomorrow.

Where is Tim Vickery? He's in Brazil doing what he does best.

Jason Burt in The Telegraph: Dark Forces Must Be Stopped. Indeed.

Thankfully, there's actual football to view today. In our estimation, the best matchup is Shakhtar Donestk against Chelsea. It'll be interesting to see how the Blues fare in the Ukraine after their big win against Tottenham on Saturday. Elsewhere, you've got Juventus playing at some team with a lot of weird letters or symbols or something, Celtic at Barcelona (who cares about Scottish football anymore? There used to only be two OK teams and now there's just one), Bayern at Lille, and Braga at Old Trafford to face Fergie and United.

Louise Taylor on The Hunter. That's it.



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