Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Messi the Model, Paolo in Italy, Champions League, Freddie

The Dirty Tackle is usually good for a laugh. Here's Messi the Model. So terribly Argentine. We love it.
Heartbreak for Celtic...
We forgot about Paolo and Raphael yesterday. They keep us up to date on Italy and Germany. Here's Paolo (Pirlo!) and here's Rafa (Derby!).

The Champions League delivered some great action yesterday. With a lot of head turning and moving around the room, we were able to catch most of Man United/Braga, Barcelona/Celtic, and Shaktar/Chelsea. Let's start with United. More sketchy defending but another victory. The Little Pea was the star with two vital goals. How long can they keep this up? You've got to think that things will be very difficult indeed once in the knockout stage. You simply cannot concede at this rate and expect to continue to be successful. Richard Jolly was at Old Trafford.

Over in Ukraine the holders suffered a brutal loss. The scoreline actually flatters Chelsea. Shaktar could have had a few more. With Chelsea be the first holders ever to be knocked out in the Group Stage?

Celtic. Poor Celtic. They were literally 15 seconds from an epic draw on the road to Barcelona and couldn't hold on. Barca were simply irresistible at times with their tiki taka but Celtic somehow managed to hold the to a goal. Until the very end. Regardless, the Scots should hold their heads high.

Here's a little CL wrap.

Today's action has the potential to be just as good. Real Madrid are in Dortmund, Schalke are at Arsenal, and Man City go to Ajax. All three of those are toss ups with the potential for plenty of goals.

Wednesday usually brings us an expanded Americans Abroad look. The focus here is on Mo Edu who moved to Stoke two months ago but hasn't seen much action. Why anyone would want to get near that wanker Tony Pubis is beyond us, but there you go. Hopefully things will work out for Edu. He's 26 and in his prime.

We'll end with an interview.



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