Thursday, June 24, 2010

Les Bleus return home under heavy security

France’s team returned to Paris under heavy police protection on Thursday after their humiliating first-round exit from the World Cup.

The plane chartered by the French Federation landed at Le Bourget business airport, 20 km north of Paris, after a 15-hour flight from South Africa. A smattering of supporters were kept at a distance and dozens of photographers, cameramen and journalists were penned behind a wire fence


Bartholomew said...

It has been the lead story on news programs every day. Filled with ethnic and political drama. Almost everyone I talked to just said they were not a team. Also it is not like England, Germany, or Holland. It appears to be just a game and in every city I've been in there are 4 times as many Algerian flags. Many people supported South Africa in the last game.

I hate Raymond buttons were worn by many for the fist game so I think that footie fans will forgive the team and blame the government for having such a silly manager. It was hilarious how bad they needed pace up front (benzema) and a playmaker to play with toulan (nasri).

The Editor said...

Can you get me an "I Hate Raymond" button!!!??? Please??!!