Monday, February 25, 2008

Pain all round for Arsenal

It has to be said that Arsenal are pretty good at bouncing back when they've taken a knock. Well after this week, they're going to have to do it again.
It's difficult to fully judge their performance against Birmingham as it was clearly over-shadowed by the Eduardo injury. That said, there were a few worrying signs for the Gunners.
In a game like Saturday's you want your captain to step up, instead Gallas acted like a petulant spoilt brat. If there was ever an occasion where the result should be secondary to other events it was Saturday, but Gallas acted as if someone had just shot his mother. Obviously Clichy's error lead directly to Arsenal only picking up a point, but Almunia again failed to convince, and Adebayor needs to get his priorities right. His miss against AC was lazy but excusable, but on Saturday TV clearly showed he looked up, saw he had an easy pass to Bentnar which would have wrapped up the game, but choose to shot himself. With Eduardo now out, either Wenger has to sort out the partnership or switch to just one up front. For me they still really miss players who can open up a defense and score, and so could do with Rosicky and van Persie coming back. Eboue is penetrative but can't score, Walcott can but can't open up a defense. Hleb certainly has the ability to do both but seems to be being paid not to shoot.
Hopefully they'll bounce back against Villa next week, but it's looking like a make or break game.
Hurt Arsenal vow to win title for Eduardo

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