Monday, February 25, 2008

Eduardo horror tackle

Only Martin Taylor will know if he intended to hurt Eduardo. That said, some of the comments made after the tackle were pretty thoughtless. On the one side there was Wenger calling for Taylor's head - an opinion he's at least retracted. On the other there were plenty of people, Alan Hanson among them, saying because the tackle wasn't two-footed it wasn't really intended to hurt. The extent of the injury itself proves that you don't need two feet to do some real damage [it's Taylor's hitting Eduardo high on the leg with a locked knee that proved so destructive], so surely the number of feet used is irrelevant.

A grisly picture of the foul can be seen via the last link - I wanted to spare our faint-hearted readers, not least our lily-livered editor who cries like a lost baby at the thought of a needle.
'All I remember is...'
Wenger admits criticism was over the top
Hansen on Eduardo's injury
Kovac blasts 'brutality' of tackle on Eduardo

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The Editor said...

Thank you for sparing me. It's nasty, nasty stuff and I appreciate the warning.