Monday, January 28, 2008

Two Derby Miracles

It's a time of miracles at Pride Park, Derbyshire. Derby manager Paul Jewell has performed his own little wonder with the team. No one who had seen their first 10-15 games under Billy Davies would have ever thought the team could get any worse. But Jewell is no ordinary manager. By buying pure shite, like Robbie Savage and Danny Mills, and selling Matt Oakley, Derby have managed to sink to unimaginable depths.
Now the Rams have jumped on the bandwagon and got themselves some American owners. Hard to believe, but true - someone has actually decided to invest in the club. Truly a miracle. Derby fans will be delighted about it, simply because they can't do any worse than previous regimes. That said, you have to question their thinking - they decided to invest in the club after they had "visited Derby County over the last six months and experienced a match day at Pride Park Stadium". This is surely akin to inspecting some property, seeing it has no roof and saying, yep, I'm putting my money in that.
The team celebrated the news by losing 4-1 to Preston.

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