Thursday, January 17, 2008

Marina Hyde on Liverpool

In urban slang - and a hilariously bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie - the phrase "coyote ugly" refers to the business of waking after a drunken evening next to a suitor so hideous that one would rather chew one's arm off than wake him or her, much as some coyotes will gnaw off their paw if it is caught in a trap.
Hicks gives Liverpool plenty to chew on

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Bobbie BS said...

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but it seems that Ms. Hyde is a bit off base. What sins have the new owners committed, exactly? They gave Rafa lots of money to spend in the transfer market and Liverpool are again tanking the league. Is it any more wrong for the owners to think about sacking Rafa than it would have been if it were still English ownership? I suppose once could fault them for failing to get the full amount of financing for their new stadium, but that's much more of a problem with the global credit crunch. I suppose you could blame that all on America, so I guess Marina has a point as long as it's that Americans have fucked up the whole world, not just the Premiership. But if Newcastle were owned by Americans would she have her panties in a bunch about the sacking of Big Sam? And on what basis has she already judged the Glazers to be failures? Gates are up, they won the fucking league last year, Fergie has plenty of money to work with and the squad's in great shape. What's gone wrong aside from alienating a section of the fan base that was already upset about ticket pricing and corporate suites? Why is it destined to end badly? This is typical Marina Hyde crap- snark and sarcasm masking an intellectually lazy opinion.