Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Eboue takes out Terry

Its amazing how many people hate Arsenal, and I am not just talking about Spurs fans. When you ask them why, more often than not the answer will be something along the lines of 'I like the way they play, but they're just so many dickheads in the team'. Well there seems to be another with Emmanuel Eboué. He goes down at the brush of a feather and moans like a spoilt child when things don't go his way. But above all he has a mean, vicious streak that should have seen him sent off against Boro and Chelsea. His snide, over the top tackle has put John Terry, who committed a similar tackle during the game, out for 6 to 12 weeks.
Terry faces up to three months out with broken bones in foot


The Editor said...

I agree about EE in general (I don't care for him) but that tackle was just one of many in that game made by players on both sides of the ball. Terry got his just desserts. And as an Arsenal fan I'm glad we have some sort of enforcer out there. Critics complained that Arsenal were pretty but did not have what it took to get stuck in and fight hard. Then they get stuck in and fight hard and people complain.

Alec said...

I'm not sure about an arguement that says Terry committed a bad foul, so his just deserts are a broken foot.
I think the point with Eboue is that the last thing he is an enforcer like Vieira. Yes, there's a strong arguement that says a dirty foul is a dirty foul, but there's spoilt, cynical, just shitty way in which Eboué plays.
For me the last thing Eboue's actions are is 'getting stuck in', in the stlye of say Clichy. They're cheap, underhand and deceitful, and surely don't make Arsenal 'harder'.

This gunners fan doesn't like him either...

The Editor said...

I speak of Terry in a greater sense -- he's a hacker and dirty player himself. He bitches at refs like there's no tomorrow. Have fun bitching from the treatment room, wanker!

Yes, EE is cynical. But he's still making a physical impact, regardless. I would argue that he does indeed make Arsenal a harder team, even though I'd rather not have him on the pitch. He's not at the same level as the other lads.