Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Big Interview: Teddy Sheringham

After 23 years in the game the former England forward has a cabinet full of trophies. So why play on at Colchester at the ripe old age of 41?

Inside Teddy's Fridge:
2 Time Out bars. 5 tins of Foster’s lager. 1 Caramel bar. 4 tins of Red Bull. 1 jar of Tesco’s strawberry jam. 5 bottled beers. 1 jar of Colman’s horseradish sauce. 2 bottles of Dom Perignon. 1 tub of Flora. 2 bottles of white wine. 1 jar of Colman’s mustard. 1 carton of milk. 6 (slightly rotten) tomatoes. He examines the tomatoes curiously and throws them in the bin. “Not exactly what you would call performance-enhancing,” I observe. “No,” Sheringham admits. “But you haven’t looked in here.” He opens an adjoining cupboard and you suppress the urge to gag. 4 tins Ambrosia rice. 5 tins Heinz baked beans. 4 packets of biscuits. 1 box of Shredded Wheat. 1 box of teabags. 1 jar of instant coffee. 1 entire shelf laden with crisps and sweets.

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