Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Charlton fans turn on Reed in wake of cup humiliation

Charlton lose 1-0 at The Valley to League Two Wycombe Wanderers...,,277-2512731,00.html


Alec said...

I must say this result delighted me.

Karma. The Charlton board deserve it, as do the fans.

The board deserve it because of the way they treated Ian Dowie. I'm no great fan of Dowie, but you don't get rid of a manager so soon.
The fans deserve it because they're fickle and spoilt. I remember when they started getting on Curbishley's back the first time Charlton were having a bad patch under him. So much so his brother felt it necessary to go on the radio and defend him. How they'd love to have him back now.

The Editor said...

Was there not some intimation that Dowie was sacked due to being out of control too much and yelling at staff? I never heard anything about it after the initial report.

Alec said...

The deciding factor is, as always, money.

I don't now the exact details but from next yr the tv cash distribution changes. As a result, financially, relegation is costlier than ever. So Charlton panicked.

If sacking managers was based on yelling at staff and players, most wouldn't last a wk.