Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Arrivederci, James, and thanks for the memories

As Bravo prepares to pull the plug on Football Italia, let's celebrate 14 years of James Richardson's unique coverage of Serie A.

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Alec said...

James Richardson is hands down the best sport presenter working on british tv.

Watching him as a kid was a weird love/hate thing.

You loved him because, unlike most other presenters, he was witty and intelligent, coming across as a really nice, self-deprecating guy. Moverover, he understood popular culture and weaved it into his reports [see the Youtube link lower in the article to him and Elvis Costello watching a game].

You hated him because he had the world's best job...watching Italian soccer, one wk reporting from a piazza in Rome, the next wk interviewing Maldini.

If Sky or the BBc had any sense they'd hire him straightaway. Instead we get Alan Shearer and Jamie Redknapp.