Thursday, July 09, 2015

Gold Cup, RVP to Fenerbache, Nigeria, Lazio vs. Roma

West Ham play here today...

Hey, kids. What up? Out at the Stubhub Center in lovely Carson, California, Costa Rica drew with Jamaica and Canada drew with El Salvador. Here are Wednesday's Day 2 Takeaways. Check your Backheel Breakfast below for the Miss of the Night and the Goal of the Night.

This evening in the tournament, Mexico get their campaign underway against Cuba, while Trinidad play Guatemala. Both of those matches are at Soldier Field. Look out for lingering Deadheads.

Where have all the good times gone? Oh, wait. Sorry. It's where have all the good strikers gone? Yes, that it. That's what Amy Lawrence wants to know.

Lazio vs. Roma. An epic derby. Which is the top club in the Eternal City? Paolo Bandini wrote an article about it. Sweet!

Dude, what happened with Nigeria? They won the African Cup of Nations in 2013 but now they're a mess. Oh, dear.

As noted in the subject line and in the rumor zone above, RVP looks set to leave Old Trafford. Jim White has a good piece on his time at Manchester United.

Smell you later!



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