Wednesday, June 10, 2015

McClaren To Newcastle, U.S. Men vs. Germany, Marina Hyde on FIFA Conspiracy Theories, The Bandinis, Copa America

And...a very pleasant Hump Day to you! We've got a fine friendly this afternoon to enjoy. The men representing the United States are in Köln to face the men representing Germany. Hit Fox Sports 1 at 2:45 p.m. EDT to enjoy the fun. Brian Strauss notes the close relationship between the two sides, and here are a couple previews:

Germany vs. USA: Preview I
Germany vs. USA: Preview II
Germany vs. USA: What to watch for

Oh, it's on...
In the Women's World Cup, France beat England, Brazil defeated South Korea, Colombia and Mexico drew, and Spain and Costa Rica finished even. Here's your lot from yesterday. Nothing today as the tourny takes a break and resumes tomorrow.

World Cup Daily: Magic Marta makes history
Women's World Cup: Day Four
Women's World Cup: Day Four Takeaways
Women's World Cup: Day Four Statistical Analysis
France 1 - 0 England: Three Observations

SPECTRE FIFA? Of course, you're all by now familiar with some of the conspiracy theories floating around about why the shit hit the fan how and when it did. The fabulous scribe Marina Hyde offers her assessment of the insanity of it all here. You want more on that movie they put out? Iain Macintosh says this: FIFA-funded 'United Passions' is simply a terrible, terrible movie.

We've noted earlier in the week that it is the 25th anniversary of Italia '90. Here's a look at how important is was for soccer in the good 'ol U.S. of A.

Copa America? Jonathan Wilson has already arrived in Santiago, don't you know? He's pretty, pretty sure that this is the best opportunity the Chileans have had in a long while to end their 99-year drought. You know Tim Vickery is already down there. He says that Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia aim to surprise. Miguel Delaney? Accodring to him, a summer of redemption and vindication awaits.

Newcastle's newest gaffer would appear to be Steve McClaren. So there.

Club footy is over for the season, and that means it's time to look back. First up? Paolo Bandini and Serie A! Yes, it's...The Bandinis 2015: An utterly exhaustive review of the Serie A season!!

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