Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Blatter Out!

Holy #$^*^##%%&)&^$%$@@^%^%&, Batman! What a Hump Day! Sepp has said he'll step down as head of SPECTRE FIFA! Word is he's on the suspect list. That's pretty much the only subject of conversation around the SSN Headquarters Water Cooler today. Let's get to the insanity!

Grant Wahl: Now what?
David Conn: What happens now?
Kevin McCauley: What's next?

David Hytner is in Como, Italy. Lucky bastard. Anyway, he's writing about Marco Tardelli and Juventus ahead of the big showdown on Saturday. Also talking Juve? Adam Digby. Specifically, he's profiling Alice Cooper Gianluigi Buffon.

As expected, Raphael Benitez is now the new manager of Real Madrid. The Madrid native takes over after failing to get Napoli into the Champions League. Let's see how long he lasts...

Women's World Cup? Better believe it! Here are previews for Group B and Group C.

Like Sepp, we out.



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