Thursday, January 08, 2015

Atlético Defeat Real, Transfer Rumors, Harry Kane, Shaq to Inter

El Niño returns.

Right! Off and running today. The Atléticos defeated the Reals in the latest battle for Madrileño supremacy yesterday. The side from the Vicente Calderón walked out 2-0 winners of the Copa del Rey Round of 16 First-Leg clash. As you might hope and expect, Sid Lowe was there and he filed this report. Torres played but didn't do much. Here are Three Points. Here are Three Things We Learned.

Harry Kane. What's the deal with this guy? He's having quite the season for Spurs, is he not? Richard Jolly wants to know why and he wants to tell us about it. Excellent. Conveniently, James Riach has a look at Ridgeway Rovers, the youth club where it all began for Kane. And a certain Golden Balled-one...

As noted yesterday, Serie A returned to action with aplomb. Paolo Bandini is over there and is ready to bring us up to speed on this week's slate of matches. Grazie, Paolo.

If you read the transfer guff above you'll see that Xherdan Shaqiri has left Bayern Munich to sign with Inter Milan. Why?

Bloody Hell. Barcelona in Crisis!!!!!! The BBC's Lee Roden investigates the Catalan Calamity. Rik Sharma wonders what it all means, and Sid Lowe says it's all about Messi and Enrique. Enough? Good.

That's really about it for this Thursday. See you tomorrow for all the weekend previews.



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